WARNING: Cometa – read/fix BEFORE inserting battery

I don’t want to surprise.

Please put me up for another 6xCW

2× diffus NW

…and that should take us over the limit I think, sweet! What’s the status on the final samples?? :wink:

I’d like to get one with NW tint and blue tailcap.

German Taschenlampen-Forum.de has some tests of the 26650 Keeppower batteries mentioned in post #1. I’ve linked other reviews here so you don’t need to hunt them down.

Keeppower IMR 26650 5200mAh/20A und 4200mAh/50 !? | Taschenlampen Forum ← the 4200mAh 50A one (gist: pass on this one)

Keeppower IMR 26650 5200mAh/20A und 4200mAh/50 !? | Taschenlampen Forum ← the 5200mAh 10A variant
Test of Keeppower IMR26650 5200mAh (Black) 2014
Test/Review of Keeppower 26650 5200mAh (Black) 2014

i would take one in coolwhite please.
Greetz from germany

Yay now patience game so the production models are excellent!

I would like to take 1 in NW.

Kind regards

> Can you get them to flash TK’s current FW pls?

V208 is the latest I see right now: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/blf-x6v2/files/head:/ToyKeeper/bistro/

They’ll have to cut off sometime, it would be good to know for sure that TK’s said they are taking a good stable version.

Sorry, I have no idea which version is being used, or really any of the other details. I hope it turns out well though. :slight_smile:

It’d be interesting to get one and find out, but I kinda already built one almost exactly like it in 2014 and don’t need two. OTOH, I should at least reflash mine since it’s running really old code.

I’m in, I’ll take………

1 CW
1 NW

G'Day Cyberescudo,

I am currently down for 1 of CPFItalia Cometa in NW, as follows:

4 Keengeorge NW

Please put me down for 1 additional CPFItalia Cometa in NW.

They are soooo bewwwdifulllllllllllllll

Thank you Very Much,


Any updates on this? :nerd_face:

I want to change NW to CW. Pook 87 place on the list.

The sample is on the way :smiley:

Hi ,
Can I request one more in CW … I’m no 7 in the list…

Can I still get on this list? I want one in CW, thanks!

Interested! One CW, please

One in CW for me, please