Was this the original inspiration for Anduril?

Found this chart in this old review of an LiteFlux LF3XT on everydaycommentary.com

So was this the initial inspiration for Anduril UI ?

Interesting question… I was originally going to say that it was just another, highly configurable/complicated UI… but then I spotted lots of click/click and hold and a batt check mode so I’m not certain… Then again, howany was are there to operate an e switch…?

Only TK can confirm whether it was inspiration…

I regret not buying a AAA Liteflux back in the day, I don’t think anyone is running Andruil or similar on AAA lights? Perhaps (assuming relevant permissions can be reached) andruil (or original LiteFlux UI) AAA could be a future BLF special edition ….

Andruil is the quickest way to lose your sanity. Every time you press the button something different happens.

Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows.

I don’t have any trouble.

HAL 9000

Someone should send zoulas one of the earlier LF2’s with the twisty UI. :wink:

Only Toykeeper could answer that I guess.
I believe TomE’s Narsil came first which has alot of features also but Toykeeper took it to a whole new level.
I wonder if the name Anduril didn’t come from the movie “The Lord Of The Rings”
Read just below the video.

Programming flashlight drivers all started here by Tido.

Since then there has been a huge BLF community effort to improve and add features to the next UI and drivers.
Its been a fun ride watching it all unfold to get where we are now. :slight_smile:

Nightime wrote: so was this (LF3XT) the initial inspiration for Anduril UI?

Toykeeper answered that direct question, and said no. I’ll find the link… I read it earlier today.

here is the link. Very first line. https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/10qaut4/comment/j6pmtwd

Yes, I saw her answer. I posted the same question on reddit/Flashlight. GloryNightTime is me on Reddit as the username NightTime was already taken. I took this username back in 2008 on CPF, but signed up on Reddit only in 2021.

me either