WAVIEN collars are BACK! Are you interested? [group buy over]

RichFire SF-390 with 70 mm lens and brass pill 20mm driver/16mm led do the job i think.

18650 single battery direkt drive with the new osram and low amp (6amp) battery


Anyone know where to get one of these Witchcraft lenses???

AFAIK the only way currently is to find one second-hand, or by way of something from MarineBeam example

You need to find someone to sell you one second hand or rip it out of the flashlight posted above

Would it be worth approaching marine beam again if there are few people here that want them?

I would be interested in one more, the one that I had is built into a flashlight now, and I like it, but I’m sure I will think of new ideas if I have another one.

You did a fantastic job on that jax! quite envious , i really want to drop one into this 7g5 the 67mm lens has a considerably tighter beam :slight_smile:

I asked them randomly a few weeks ago with no success but don’t want to discourage anyone. They are probably less apt to do a 1 off than to get permission to arrange a batch though

answer might be different if there is at least 10 of us waiting to order


Doesn’t sound like something they will arrange again for just 10 buyers.

On the plus side I see there is a new flashlight in the market with a collar:

Light Recycling Technology in the New Microfire Excalibur H20 Microfire Excalibur H20

Yeah… I saw that its basically how my 7g5 will be if i ever find a colar for it… same size Aspheric think i have a better emitter , and obviously a little extra current :slight_smile: 399 dollars is a little out of budget range

Its 400? Lol

Excalibur H20 LED flashlight
Regular price
Sale price
$399.00 Sale

Yes i Lol’d too… I have a lens that can match that for 3 dollars. And its glass not plastic! its that colar… we just can’t beat it without one :frowning:

The marinebeam flashlight with the collar is way cheaper than that…

Where to find the exact dimensions of this collar?
I have one laying around for the next project.

Not as cheap as id like I am in the UK so there will be almost the same cost again in import tax putting the marine beam torch at over 200 dollars for me :weary: I really would love to get my hands on one but im not paying that much for it

I got just a marinebeam RLT for the collar. First impression was i paid all that for this heap of shit! I am not good at writing but i will do a review soon and post it here.
Time to make some, fitter i work with wants one for spotting poachers on a reef in Fiji so he is going to have a go at machining them. It will be a called a Inverted Swann Reflector. Polished Aluminum or Nickle or silver plated brass?

Well if you can make something that works im sure there is a que of people waiting to buy…

Bright nickle plating is not to difficult to achieve , silver nitrate could be worth a look too

Home Chrome , similar to the Aikka Nano system

I am not sure about the longevity of these surfaces, oxidisation or tarnishing over time is something to research i guess

I’m trying to understand Waven collars, and this diagram is confusing me. It looks to me like the arrows show the light being emitted from the LED, striking the Waven collar, and being reflected back into the LED. How does that double the light output? To increase light output substantially, wouldn’t the colar have to direct the light out through the lens?

The only way to get the light through the lens the right way and end up in the hotspot is when it starts from the led die. So indeed the collar directs the light back into the led. To understand why that works, and works so well, is to realise that most of the light is a product of fluorescence in the phosfor: blue light from the underlying led is partly converted to longer wavelengths, even some resulted green light is converted further to red. Light reflected from the Wavien collar back into the die still contains a lot of blue (a cool white led emits a huge blue peak which is unconverted light from the led) that is absorbed by the die and converted to green and red and emitted in random directions just like light from the underlying blue led, it gets a second chance to reach the lens and add to the hotspot while without collar it would be wasted. The increased luminance is further helped by the fact that humans are not very sensitive for blue and very sensitive to green (i.e. 25 times more sensitive to 555nm than to 450nm).