What are some of your favorite lights?

Of all my lights, the two that stand out to me are the X9 and L2i w/warm white XML. It’s hard to draw a line because so many lights have attributes that I really like. Honorable mentions, UF-H2 and EDI-T P4.

Like Greg said, there are so many with great attributes.

My overall favorite is my custom Mini-Maglite converted to single AA w/XM-L 5-mode @ 3A. It is insanely bright and extremely unique. Add in that it's my first truly, highly customized torch and sentimental value takes it to the top. I love this tiny light!

The rest are based on battery size as they each have a purpose. I really like most of my lights and like kids, it's hard to choose a favorite. In no particular order:

  • Balls-out photon cannon: Trustfire TR-3T6
  • 18650: Trustfire F15 XM-L
  • Flooder/AA: Ultrafire UF-H2b
  • 14500: Yezl A1 XP-G R5 (Horrible light with AA but wonderful with 14500)
  • AAA: Trustfire F23 XP-E R2
  • 16340: KD Solarforce L2m clone w/XM-L

KD C8: nice output, decent throw and a very nice well lit up round spill

Give me a month till my new lights come in. :)

im currently using a sf grey body/tail with silver 504b head with uf r5 dropin with dx 16 mode driver. hidden blink modes. for general work use.

xeno e03 on a uf headband for attics and crawl spaces.

waiting on bc10 for my pocket to alternate with ex10.

skyray stl v2 for when im driving and lighting up distant trees,towers,looking for house numbers.

x8 under my bed.

Nitecore D-10 & EX-10 http://www.fusiongear.com.au/nitecore-nitecore-ex10-p-160.html

N-Light B2S http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1035

Zebralight H-31 & H501 http://www.zebralight.com/Headlamp_c_7.html

EDI-T P-4 http://www.edi-t.net/wordpress/?p=925#more-925

Farka/Xeno F8 v6 & F8 v5 http://thebrightsideforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=47&start=120

Eastward AA http://www.jayki.com/flashlight_review_board/12006

Ultra-fire mcu c-88 https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1907

Fenix E21 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fenix-E21-R2-LED-Outdoor-Flashlight-150-Lumens-2AA-/130576785019?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item1e66fb9e7b

Tank 566 https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/168

In no particular order except for the Maglite and it's top because i've had it the longest and it's still the daddy!

Maglite 6D (with fusion showerhead drop-in) - bedside light for hunting things that go bump in the night

Ultrafire C3 SS - EDC and occasional bike light (modded with HML driver)

Nitecore D11v2 - EDC and camping lantern (with Solarforce lantern head)

Maratac AAA SS - keychain light

Solarforce L2P - (with 3 mode XM-L drop-in) bike light and backpack / EDC backup light

Varapower 2000 - possibly the most versatile light i own with the simplest UI but mostly used for the WOW! factor

Peak Eiger SS 10180 - worn around my neck and apart from when it's being used is only removed for bathing (so not removed very often at all) ;)

Honourable mentions go to :-

ITP A1 eos SS - one time EDC now retired to the bedside table

Raw SS - ditto above

Surefire 6P - 4D Maglite performance in the palm of your hand! one time daddy of my incandescent lights now relegated to part time bike light duty alongside the L2P with same drop-in, also used in situations where i would be concerned about damage to my L2P

Ultrafire 502b - cheap P60 host ideal for lending out especially when paired with a single mode drop-in

Sunwayman v10r Ti - would be my ideal EDC if only they made a version in SS!

My favorites are

Solarforce Skyline I 300 Lumens Super Thrower

Keygos X6 XR-E Q5 1600 Lumens Extension Added(3 18650)

TrustFire Cree Q5 5-Mode 1200 Lumens xtension added(3 18650)

Keygos KE-5 XM-L T6(probably a legit 750 lumens)

Ultrafire 501-B XM-L T6 Super bright and floody

Trustfire XM-L T6 probably 700 Lumens

UltraOK Technology Cree Q5 400 Lumens

UltraOK TechnologyCree Q5 200 Lumens

But I'm going to add some custom built Mag Lites that probably will soon be at the top of my list in the next few months. Thinking about getting one with the SST-90. And maybe later adding a 12 XPG one for a super bright 4000 lumen flood light.

Fenix E01 on work keys

TiKey on car key

ITP A3 on house keys.

In bag Ultrafire C3 SS and others.

My all-time favourite light would be:

Zebralight H50 - easily the first. If you want to go budget the Ultrafire UF-H3/H2 headlamps are very well worth a look and are brighter and infinitely variable. Still prefer the Zebralight though.

Trustfire F22. Single nicest light ever. It is enormous for an AA/14500 light though.

Ultrafire C3 SS

Aurora Sh032/34 - depends whether you want relatively small or want to use RCR123 cells.

Varapower 2000

And the only light I took to Pittsburgh, the Xtar WK-20. Only one that doesn't run on rechargeables strangely enough. It is a strangely charming little light.

Any Mag with 4 or more cells (a 2D with adapters to use 6AA cells will do fine here) and the Fusion36 dropin. Actually mine is in a 3D with 3 NiMH Ds at the back door along with a triple XM-L light. But my backyard is only about 25 yards long, the Fusion is fine for this.

And that's from more than 150 lights. How many more I'm not sure - it is exceptionally unusual to find them all at any given time. Just found an Ultrafire U20 that I lost ages ago under the driver's seat of my mother's car. That made a crappy day rather nicer.

Wow, 17 posts and no love for the DQG tiny-II? Guess I'll have to man up and admit I love that tiny piece of steel and frozen fire.

Other than that...

UF RL-168 (xml-u2 modded)

SF L2p (SF xml dropin)

Tank007 m10 (round magnet tail, not the newer anti-roll one)

bag, backpack, pocket, in that order.

My favorites are my ITP C7, Fenix LD20, and Balder BD-2.

Solarforce L2 variants

P60 Hosts

Ultrafire A20

N-light B3 and B2




Ultrafire RL168 [ modified to SSC P4 ]

Maratac AAA - AA


Fav P60 Host = L2T with low current XM-L

Fave pocket or EDC , N-light B3

2nd String =

Any other L2

Jetbeam BK135A

3rd String [ gets hard here ]

Any other L2

Nitecore EX10 , N-light B2 , Ultrafire M2 , Ultrafire A20 [ gots 4 to chose from , stock , SSC P7 , 2x XM-L ] actually it gets crowded here .

I don't have many lights but I really like my ITP A1 which lives on my keychain and believe it or not, my nebo redline. I know there are better AAA lights out there but the redline is just a cool light all around. Not the brightest light but it has a great zoom to spot function and makes for a good dog walking light and occasional pocket light.

Trustfire Z1 because it is so unique and a great, compact light

Trustfire T2 because it is such a classy side-clicky

Fenix Tk41 because it feels like an old-fashioned light, and has awesome modes and throw.

Any P60 XM-L with an 18650, because they surprise non-flashoholics with their brightness.

S-mini, just about the best for compact but bright and long runtime.

In my pocket now is my JetBeam Pro1 V3- Just small enough for a pocket if using the clip and big enough for people to say, "What is that light?"

When I work, I also have my Zebralight H501w- the neutral hue and absence of a hotspot is perfect for observing skin and wounds.

For walking the dog at night I have a pair of SF L2T's, one has an A001 bezel to better cope with the XM-L. Once my wife gave me Surefire LED for christmas and my parents gave me a Dorcy that ran on 3xAAA. She and I were crushed that the cheap Dorcy was brighter than the $ureFire. I still have the Dorcy. Don't think I'll ever buy a surefire again.

Next lights are the New Solarforce L2P in grey, the new JetBeam RRT-0 XML, and then the AAA light that a guy on CPF is having built that is anticipated to run 300 lumens but be able to do 500 lumens in turbo mode for a bit. Don't know where the money will come for this or how I'll make it Ok to my wife. But I'm jonesing for those lights.

Hi happiness!

My favorites:

-DGQ tiny II

-Zebralight SC51w

-SF L2M XM-L 3-mode 1,4A

ultrafire c2 with neutral xm-l and kd 8amc 3 mode driver

uf-2100 with the same driver and soon warm white xm-l

504b with extension and 1 mode buck 2A driver with neutral xm-l

The Sipik SK68 Clone, by far the cheapest light I own. Provides the full spectrum in my pocket, from smooth flood to decent throw, and at the price I have no fears of damaging it or losing it. (I have two more like it at home). It usually holds a 14500 but I can pick up an AA for it almost anywhere, anytime if I need to.

I'm onboard with the DQG Tiny II. I has rocketed up my list of favs and has been in my pocket (unnoticed) almost every day since I got it.



SC60w (unapologetic Zebralight fanboy here)

D10 (ramping)

C88 (stock or modded its good to see 'loops getting a workout)

X9 (I have very little use for this light, but its a lot of fun for $34)

And my favorite is still my neutral triple XP-G in an L2P with modded S7

Honorable mention:

Neutral XM-L (3 mode - 1.4A) in an L2 (haven't used it enough, but has been substitute lighting for the triple a few times and performed admirably)