What are you snacking on now?

Had homemade halvah, helva, halva, or Hal’vaH (in the original Klingon).

Got a bucket of tahini paste, wanted to make my own Hal’vaH and/or hummus. Wellp, I tried goggling some recipes for Hal’vaH. Gtfooh. Buncha weird-ass recipes that use powdered milk (tf??), flour, eggs, baked in an oven, etc.

So I went to The Source, and goggled the ingredients panel on Joyva halvah. Sesame-seed paste, corn syrup, vanilla, and about 1000 chemically-type preservatives. That matched a nice simple vid I caught:

So this uses sugar instead of corn syrup. I’ll take it.

Did it, and it came out pretty good. Just the right taste (albeit too sweet) and that nice fiberglass texture. Bought dark chocolate chips, but decided to melt them and drizzle on top of the pieces. Having some just a little while ago, I think it’s better without the chocolate. (Pray for me for even saying that.)

So after I came out of my diabetic coma from all the sugar, I was pretty happy with the way it all came out. Can’t eat more than a little bit at a time, again, because of the sweetness, but I’m looking forward to making it again.


Yeah, less sugar.

Mixed in a nice slick bucket that sherbet came in. Cleaned right up.

Used a glass loaf-pan like you’d make pound cake or bananananana bread in.

Used cling-wrap instead of parchment paper, else half of the stuff will get stuck in all the creases and folds.

Used refrigerated tahini. After heating the sugar (250°F) and mixing, even fridged the mix was quite hot.

Cover with more cling-wrap and fridge it to set up overnight.

Have insulin needles handy if you use the amount of sugar in the video.

Having ice-cold milk to wash it down is sooooooo good.

Yes the Greeks know Halva very well. Very unique dessert.

Needed some spice in my life, so made chili.

Can o’ Hormel “spicy” (not) chili was the base. Whole onion, minced. 2 jalapenos, minced. Heat in small frying pan. Glop in some sriracha. No oil or nuttin’, so need something to keep it from burning, even if it doesn’t cook through. Glop in the can o’ chili. Let it simmer a while.

Sour cream on top, and it’s gooooooood eatin’.

Big “snack”, but I was feeling a bit peckish.

Substitute with wolf brand chili and I’m in…

Never heard of it, so tried goggling it, but the f’ers blocked me. (conagra.something.net)

Had to resort to amazon to see what it is.

Roujiamo,The grilled bread is filled with lamb, onions, peppers and various side dishes.

Apple-cinnamon oatmeal. “Homemade”, not instant.

Got one of those bags-o’-apples (gala), already sick of eating just 3 of 'em plain, so figured, lemme finely dice up on of 'em and make ACO. The slices stick together, so they mince amazingly well.

Small shallow pan, probably a half-cup of water, sploosh of lemon-juice (to keep 'em from turning brown too soon), glop on some cinnamon, dump some sugar into it, cook down quite a bit 'til just short of getting sticky.

Separate pot, cook some oatmeal (regular cooking kind, not instant, so haven’t used much). Cook down 'til kinda pasty.

Mix the two together, engorge.

Amazing actual apple taste being that there’s actually a whole apple in there vs an occasional apple-flake like in the instant kind. Nice burst of cinnamon, tang from the apple and lemon-juice, some sweetness but not overpowering… yummy!

Try it!

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