What blade did you EDC today?

Supposed to be Sandvik 12C27 steel.

The lowly Gerber EAB loaded with the kick arse "Scalloped Utility Blade"

love this set up

I’ll be honest & it may get a bit off backlash. I wasn’t impressed with the Sebenza, a Nice knife? Sure… Worth the price ? H*LL NO…

I’ll second the Hattori, although I carry the original rather than the junglee.

XHP Recon 1 tanto

Who made the original? It was my understanding the Original was from Seki Japan & they have copies made in Taiwan or something.

Ichiro Hattori of Japan made the original series. He started out in 1954 at Masohiro in Japan making knives for export to Tekna. In 1971 he opened his own workshop and made hunting knives. The fighter first appeared in 1978 as a handmade from his shop and could be ordered with a choice of 4 woods for handle material. Mine was ordered in 1982 with Cocobolo. I ordered one in Ebony in 1989 that is slightly different in blade geometry (about 1.5mm longer with a slightly different placement of the blood groove). I think it would be hard to find all the minor variations as there are no serial numbers and no differentiation of lots that I can find. Junglee approached Hattori in 1993 about mass producing his knives in Taiwan. All of the Junglee production has been in 440c while originals can be found in ATS-34 or more recently AUS-8 steels. The big draw to the Junglee was its price at <$75 and its immediate availability. Originals can still be bought if/when he makes a run of them but they run $300-600 depending on materials (still a bargain for the quality) and usually sell out his production runs in less than a day.

You can keep an eye on what is available from him here:http://www.japaneseknifedirect.com/hattori.html

I’ve got a couple of those, SanRenMu are starting to use Sandvik 12C27 in some of their new knives, it makes a nice change but they do 8Cr13MoV heat treat so well it’ll be hard to beat. They are both good quality relatively inexpensive steels.

What I do find a bit disconcerting is SanRenMu have stopped putting the steel type on the blades of the smaller “home market” knives. I trust SanRenMu not to misrepresent the steels in the specs for a knife, they have built a good reputation and I doubt that they would want to destroy that, but the likes of FastTech and Exduct are not too careful in the descriptions.

Enlan EL-01 for yard work in the morning:

RAT I in the afternoon:

Couple of strange ones today doing some yard work.

Byrd HB is the only knife I own that is tip down, the clip mounting location for tip-up is exactly where your palm goes. The kershaw has a very cool lock.
Both are nightmare’s to sharpen.

I’m presuming that the Byrd serrations are the same, different, size as Spyderedge serrations.
I’ve a couple of items that might help with the sharpening - Lansky make a ceramic sharpener for Spyderco serrations -
Lansky Spdyer sharpener.
And for all plain edged blades but especially good on recurve blades -
Lansky 4 rod turn box.
I’ve linked to a U.K. supplier, obviously you’ll get them for less if you are in the U.S.A.
There’s also a Spyder sharpener for Cold Steel serrations and a multi sharp for normal serrations, they all sharpen plain blades as well.
A lot less money than a Spyderco Sharpmaker, over here anyway.
I only have one Spyderedge blade so the Lansky Spyder Sharpener was ideal for me

For it (and all serrations) I use a paper wheel. For the kershaw I use my DMT Diamond files in a custom block I made out of Cherry. I have a pretty advanced sharpening setup, I actually enjoy sharpening / maintenance more than acquiring new blades!

I’ve been handling this today, getting it loosened up, didn’t really need it but what the hell.
42mm blade and an unusual opening/closing action, the whole blade swivels open/closed as the carabiner follows on the other end, it has a decent détente thanks to the ball détente system in the liners.
There are four models each with a different design etched on the scales.

The SanRenMu logo let into the scales on this side helps with gripping the knife.

I’ve got some I could send you. :slight_smile:

I quite like sharpening as well.
I have a lot of Lansky sets with the hones including the diamond set and use them for damaged blades or re-profiling but I had nothing for deep recurves so I decided that instead of paying for a set of the curved hones that a crock stick set would be the way to go and I’m loving it.
The hones are great and I leave them assembled with the rods so it’s quicker to set up but the crock stick gives a very sharp finish for little effort. I can stick it in a pocket and take it out and about, I’ve even attached a spirit level to the top so I can be sure if it’s level on uneven surfaces.
I’ve seen the paper wheels but at the moment have nothing to put them on to spin them.

I got a 7078 after reading your review here, and I’ve been carrying it all week , mindlessly flipping it open. I like the ball detente lock better than I thought I would. It hasn’t loosened up yet but it is a fun knife.

lekvar, if you like the 7078 and your local laws allow then the 9054 would be a step up in length, it also has a hole in the blade that matches shaped liners, when anything, I use a 550 Paracord lanyard and one strand of that is enough, is placed in the hole it stops the blade from closing, sort of like a lock knife that isn’t.
It uses the same ball détente liners and is a flipper, the détente is a bit stronger though.

With all the ball détente you can open them up and bend the ball détente arms to make them tighter or slacker but do it evenly or the blade won’t be centred.
The insides.

The 7078’s are a great little knife, I have another on order now.

+1 Thanks!