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Astrolux LT1 LED Swap and Tear-Down

The LT1, aptly named ( :FACEPALM: ), is a very small pocket, or even key chain multi-color LED lantern. It comes with a ~6500K SST-20 and a triple RGB LED. The UI is ok-ish, and not easily changeable, but that 6500K SST-20 has to go for something more warm.

First challenge was to get access to it. The dome was threaded but glued, but used my sticky blue gloves to work it loose:

Beneath the dome:

close up of the R-G-B LED, actually G-R-B in order left to right:

Removed 2 screws and de-solder the LED wires. Thermal grease was on the dry side but spread out well:

Though not necessary to swap the LED, thought I'd remove the driver and take a look. I did get the driver retaining ring loose, but it was also glued with red stuff:

Shots of the driver:

Might be a slight point in the center - will sand it out, and remove the anodizing:

Using a hot air bench tool, removed the SST-40 and reflowed a 3500K 351D from Simon:

Trimmed the wires - were excessively long, and might get a little more amps:

All done, working. Used MX-4, sanded back of MCPCB with 2000 GRIT:

Any other changes or maintenance can now be done - no more glue!

At 3500K and high CRI, much better...

Thanks for that! I was wondering what would have been involved with swapping the primary emitter, I’ve been using my lil lantern a ton lately but feel the same way about that gross emitter.

Not a crazy amount of force required to remove the dome then? Nope guess not, nice!

Fwiw to anyone else interested in one but without the want to mod it, looks like Neal sells it under a different brand name and can be had with a 4000k 90+CRI SST-20

Wish I came across that listing before purchasing two more from Astrolux :person_facepalming:

It’s a pretty basic screw-in pill. The stock driver has little wings, and I needed to put solder blobs on the mtn15 for it to make consistent connection. That took longer than I’d like to admit to figure out. If you’re buying mtn15 drivers for this build, go without the spring. Maybe that’s obvious for some, but it wasn’t to me.

The stock pill is this cheap aluminum little thing, and I wish it was copper. I tried threading my fwaa pill in to see if it’d fit, but it doesn’t.

The led centering ring is also for the 3030 cslnm1 and doesn’t fit a 3535 sst20/219b, so I went with a tir I had. It’s for a 5050, so the beam is a little ragged, but I have some 3535 TIR on the way to hopefully fix that.

It’s such a fantastic host, that was really ruined by having strobe in the main rotation. I have another on the way that I’ll probably keep the cslnm1 in.

Not today. Removed the flimsy scale of my cheap multitool and DIY’ed a bamboo as replacement.

Nice job on the scales …and your signature line got me . Tried to wipe the little spider off my screen , :+1:

Did you miss me? :laughing:

Happy New Year Everyone, CRX returns!

Some hand made things built only with simple hand tools, will, perseverance and thought.

Images are links to threads.


CRX TiCu Bolti Triple XP-L HI 3D - Convoy 5A - 18350 - Bolt Action Sw - 1485lm.


CRX Ti Bolti 10440 LH351Ds 5000K


CRX Quad Luxeon MZ 5700k 90CRI


CRX ERPD Triple LH351D 90CRI


CRX TECs Titanium


CRX TiBolt Titanium & Brass Pen


I will catch up on messages soon as,

All the best from Scotland.

I did miss you :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy new year

:heart_eyes: :+1:

OMG CRX is back!!

Good to see you still have the magic touch mate

Holy cow, CRX is back!

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr :partying_face:
Inspirational stuff as always.

Good to see you again CRX! Looks like you’ve been busy making your masterpieces!

s21a quad sst20 + led4power driver

firefly copper cube + nichia and optic fwaa + bistro HD

3 e 4

Modded D1s with 9amp CC / FET driver, sft40 LED, Blue lighted switch. Also here is my whole D1 / D1s collection.

Those D1 sure are nice Artie. Makes me wish i got into blf sooner. When hank sold them.

ohhh man that FireFlies cube triple! DROOL.

me too! Almost all of mine were bought after he stopped selling them and 50%-100% more than what he sold them for LOL.

Nice clean job.

Very tidy!

I was wondering what your methods are for sanding MCPCB shelves? It seems like they’re often tough to get to, and I don’t have a good tool for doing it myself

For that lt1, for example, I don’t think I’d be able to get between the walls very well because of how small the shelf is, even though the it isn’t down there very far