What did you mod today?

I fine tuned the fitment of a heat sink I made for another forum member, boy is it hot out there! We still have 2 months of summer to go, easy….

I put an old mercury thermometer on the central support column the other day, big 4x8 wood beam, so the thermometer is in the center of the shop, away from exterior walls by about 20’ and some 12-13’ from the peak of the roof, directly behind the lathe. It’s 104º in the shade, no air movement at all. Wicked! That’s 39.5ºC for y’all that don’t do Fahrenheit. :wink:

my fav small sun mod

Head from a zyt13. Tube and tail from a zyt27.

Fet driver with an XHP70, extra copper, two IMR 18350’s and BINGO ……

The side switch is inoperable. Would like to find a good driver w/ e-switch that will fit in this thing.

Also an OP reflector would make it my fav id say.

Would be awesome weapon mounted.

I was bored today…

You could sputter the reflector and both DrJones and led4power have E switch compatible drivers. Some MtnE drivers are compatible as well.

Finally today I made my first modded light:

  • Blue Convoy S2+ body
  • Nichia 219C 5000K
  • BLF X6 driver
  • Noctigon MCPCB
  • Soldered 3mm thick copper disc into the pill

It is bright, gets hot really quick. I spent a lot of time learning how to do things. Then about an hour to recognize that reflector was doing short circuit…from the temperature one spring collapsed due to hot, but fortunately - nothing else was burned.

Since I was using regular Convoy light - not the host - I had to desloder the driver from pill….that was really difficult. How do you do this?
Afer that - another challenge was to solder new driver in place…maybe you have also some hint for this?

Wow, nice job :)! The thing is, though, the parts (and work) you put into the modded headlight probably cost way more than the original one :)??


Of coarse, but I’m designing a headlamp that will be made from aluminum (CNC machining). This is just a protoype test to see if I want to make a triple headlamp alu case. I don’t think so though, I’’ll probably pursue my other expensive “cheapo” prototype: Build: Dual XP-L headlight project.

I made up an extension ring for a DQG 26650 to take a Khatod optic. I haven’t filled it with running gear yet. The thread onto the body worked out a little bit tight but I think it’s a good thing because I notched a groove in the extension ring for the optic to sit flat ie the optic has a nob on one side from manufacturing (I guess that’s what it is…?). Now the optic won’t try to spin when I screw the bezel on and off :sunglasses:

Nice fix, you should have a noticeably tighter beam profile and it looks pretty sweet too. :wink:

BLAAH!! I only just realized the optic is nowhere near aligned with the switch :person_facepalming: :weary:

Oh well, I’m not gonna change it now :frowning:

That’s gonna eat at ya like a bad burrito….

Edit: just rotate the optic some 60º and put a new slot in the adapter ring, lining up the TIR’s and still keeping the notch, albeit on a near opposite side. :wink:

Damned burrito’s. Yeh I might try your idea another day, thanks. Time for bed.

It’s always something…

How do I sputter the reflector? Never heard of that term being used in that context.

Otherwise thanx for the advice. I will look into it.

Sputtering in this context is fogging the surface with sparse droplets of a clear finish that doesn’t yellow much, it breaks up beam artifacts. There ought to be some posts here on it, I know OL has done some. As opposed to sputtering in outrage though the pictures brought to mind might be similar.

Or stippling as OldLumens calls it

sk68 clone.
Part of host threads are cutted off, sliding tube is fixed in lowest position.
Custom copper pill, XP-E2 triple with Carclo lens under 20mm glass.

P.S. I have lots of this hosts and pills but no time at all so I can send them to anyone who will pay shipping cost.

Light and pill free if shipping is paid? Is that what you are saying?

Yes, sipik AA clone host without stock pill with copper one. Parts may look not good and sometimed requires lots of hand work time (which I dont have).
Need to check how many they I have. I suppose 15-20 sets.

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And yes, I need to say this one more time:
XP-E2 is defenetly best emitter for 10mm tir optics.

Would love one set if shipping is reasonable, i would love to try and assemble one if it is possible only by hand work, don’t have any power tools for the job.