What did you mod today?

I changed the LED of my faulty BLF GT and fitted a 2nd centering piece. I made some more pics:
German: Superthrower Lumintop BLF GT - Laberthread und Versand | Taschenlampen Forum
English: Superthrower Lumintop BLF GT - Laberthread und Versand | Taschenlampen Forum
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Nice job on the extra center piece! In hope that the new led will be trouble-free!

Nice job on the centering ring, ring! :+1:

I wonder if painting it black will take some of the Halo away?

Is the centering ring bar tight to the mcpcb hold down screws, or is the clearance around the screws?


I could paint it black, it could take a bit of the corona around the hotspot. … but its only aditional light output wich would be lost. … dont know, if I want to make it black.

The centering bar is not screwed donw, it lies lose on the mcpcb around the screws.

Nice job wieselflinkpro!
I tried to open my GT in the vice, without success, i definitely need to use bigger tools

A few quick documentation photos of another Armytek mod I did recently, following the excellent instructions from Clemence here. The Prime Pro bezel has no thread locker and can theoretically be removed with just friction, but mine was so tight I had to make the tool Clemence suggests here, which worked perfectly. The hardest part of the mod for me was threading the leads back through the rivet holes while working around the delicate control wires behind the switch board. My C1 Pro now has a 219C and I’m using it with a slightly floody optic while waiting on a few options from Aliexpress.

I sacrificed my old C2 to get the remains of the Shadow JM35 working again, after I botched the pill removal. Driver is a CF-FX-17A. I also used an extension tube which I think I bought from DX years ago.

:cool: lego-job! ^

Today a mod with nothing revolutionary in it, just making a very nice and robust EDC:
*black S2+ host with short tube
*green o-ring at the lens swapped for a transparent one
*tried a smooth S2+ reflector but that produced a weird red-ish spot in the middle of the hotspot, went for the stock OP-reflector and the beam was fine.
*Nichia 219C SM4070e R9050 soldered on a 16mm Noctigon soldered to the pill
*BLF A6 driver fixed for voltage spikes with an extra 5 Ohm resistor, and added 680 Ohm bleeder resistor
*no spring bypasses, and kept the stock thin ledwires to keep the current down
*swapped the tail spring for a smaller one to reduce the tension on the 18350 battery.
*Lexel’s lighted tail ring with 6 leds, 4.7 kOhm resistors for each 3 leds, 3xblue led 3xpink led
*transparent 16mm tail cover.

The current (measured tail off with a clamp meter) on a full 1200 mAh Keeppower high drain 18350 was still between 7 and 8A, but I reckon with resistance of the tail it will be 5-6A, gradually going down with the battery draining, which is good. Output on high is 700 lumen, user interface beam and tint is great.

I modded a short grey S2+ today with 4x 5000K Nichia Optisolis leds. Build post here: Output and voltage test of 5000K and 3000K Nichia Optisolis leds - #2 by djozz

CRX Brass Puck :slight_smile:


That is genius.

Saw those cool little pucks in the dedicated thread. I would buy them if you sold them.

Today I finished the following mod to my Lumintop Tool AA:

  • Lexel’s 15mm drvr running BistroHD
  • Red illuminated, spring bypassed tailcap
  • Noctigon STAR with NW XPL HI

It now draws 3,6Amp from a 14500keeppower. Temp. stepdown after 1 minute.
Lux at 1mtr at 4.2V jumped from 3340lux to 13986lux.

My new EDC!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Super coool!!! Did the driver fit well?
I am using a 15mm MTN single sided driver as I throught I wouldn’t be able to put a double sided driver on it…
And that light switch…I might need one for mine :smiling_imp:
Nice :smiley:

Driver fits well, the head screws down perfectly.

It had to be sanded down slightly, to fit the pill.

Nice work :wink: It surely is a niiiice light, and with that mod, definitely worths being EDCarried :wink:

For the tailcap mod, have a look over Here

I always EDC AAA’s, but if you really need them for something they are depleted quickly.
I really like the Tool AA’s size. Still stealthy in a jeans. Its definately a keeper! Very happy how it turned out :partying_face:

Very nice mod dutchee! The Noctigon ledboard was also trimmed a bit I guess?

Emitter swap.
Out: XP-L Hi cool, in: Nichia E21A sm203 R9050 warm! on my custom 119 board trimmed to shape to fit in the pill, center piece was left out to get the emitting surface of the (lot thinner) new led in the focal plane of the reflector.

Old output: 600-ish, new output 260. Max. current on a fresh battery 2.5A. Spot is smaller but spot brightness seems not much different. Beamshot is at 2.5 meter. I especially like the efficient performance on lowest setting: 1.5 lumen at 6.7mA current, so that should run for 4 days on a 700mAh 16340.