What did you mod today?

Might try running it as admin (right click), even though you have admin rights. Seen you need to do this sometimes just once.


I installed AVRDude last week briefly. For the first 20 minutes it worked and behaved normally, but now the app won’t even run. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help.


that happens a lot with 3D printer stuff, it seems microsoft runs some kind of check or something then disallows the the thing! … i.e. it ran fine for 20 minutes? hmmm then not.
next comes the windows update that resets everything back to let every one use and record and store bumf on your pooter… then your drivers no longer function.
(in hind sight microsoft are robbing you of any non microsoft ‘approved’ things. very anoying being monopolied isnt it).

‘zadig’ can be a help, haven’t got a link to it off hand but it’s got the printer working a few times. it basically recalls or initialises the drivers microsoft reset to ‘off’…for want of metaphor’s that seem extremely accurate lol.

UltraTac A1 emitter swap/tear down

The sum of the parts are actually pretty decent. It has a copper mcpcb, short brass pill, retaining rings, LED spacers, o-rings, etc. HOWEVER, it’s glued everywhere. The retaining ring has a slight indentation on it that I tried to use but it didn’t budge. I ended up using the smallest dremel drill bit I had (1/32”) and making two holes in the retaining ring and nearly breaking the best hardened stainless tweezers I have but I got it free. I found blue loctite on the retaining ring only. I was going to swap the tail spring as well but that ring is also glued so I decided not to.

TL;DR - dremel > blue loctite :frowning:


Money shot:

Two holes in the ring are mine and the left hole in the driver ground ring is mine, the right hole was already there.

I swapped in a LH351D 4000K 90CRI and didn’t really lose much/if any output from the ugly XP-L HD that was there before.

Busy weekend. 3 lights modded with triple channel drivers:

Friday was this NS22 Seeker, I built it a 1+8x7135+FET TA driver with bistro. You can swap the driver without opening the bezel but I went ahead and did that so I could adjust the centering ring height a bit which cleaned up the transition from hotspot to corona. Stock 3500k 95cri SST-20

Saturday was the Utorch S1 mini. Its got a custom driver, 1+4x7135+FET running anduril and a 5000k Luxeon V2 with a layer of DC fix on the inside of the aspheric lens.

Finally I capped the weekend modding extravaganza off with the AX3 mod. Again a TA 22mm driver but with the 1x7135’s output leg isolated and modified anduril FW for a red moon mode than can be turned on/off without flashing new FW.

My anduril light collection is up to 6 now (and only one of these lights came with compatible HW)!

Sweet mods.

I built Luxeon V2 5000K E2 triple using 18500 tube and 18650 battery. More details in this post

I build a small wooden box for my spectrometer. The device came in a complete suitcase that protects the expensive tool very well but is very inconvenient to use because of its size.

And because I was in a nostalgic mood I made this little chest with pine wood, triplex, wood glue, nails, paint and some dark grey polyether for the inserts.

It is not made very precise but it feels good and makes for a very good protection of the spectrometer, that is now much easier to carry with me, with less worries.

Watch out Don. :slight_smile:
Nice job djozz. I guess you still have all your fingers and thumbs.

With everything askew, it is not a work piece I would dare to show Don, I hope he is not watching :person_facepalming:

Emitter swap in a TK35UE for a member here. Swapped in a 4500k 90CRI emitter (XHP70A-01-0000-0D0UJ445G).

Build quality is amazing as you could expect. The battery carrier is the driver and the battery charger all in one!

I finally picked up the pieces of an F13 triple I started over 2 years ago. I had amber/yellow/red in the tailcap from when I started, but I decided to go all amber. I’d like to throw some amber trit vials under the lens.

Purchased the spacer from kiriba-ru back in ’16 or ’17. Wait too long to build this stuff, something better always comes along. With the latest boost drivers, I’d much rather go with a single xhp50 or 70 now. I do love this spacer, though. Huge chunk of metal.

Took the C8ish 7 emitter ebay light to the next level with 7 SST-40’s. Out of the box on a Basen 26650 it measured 1368 lumens from XM-L T6 emitters. Now, with the 40’s and a Samsung 30T, it does a start value of 9694.5 lumens. :smiley:

The F13 makes a very neat triple, with it’s 26650 cell capacity it’s a nice solid build. :wink:

^ show off :wink:

(PS - nice touch with the 45 casing)

Lol…yeah, no kidding! DB is there a build thread on that F13 somewhere?

Its This flashlight, I think: What did you mod today? - #6763 by DB_Custom

Did you only do an emitter swap? Or does it have a better heatsink now.
Do you have a link to this Flashlight?

Several months ago i bought 3 Osram Flat black and now I decided to put in Convoy L2 with LD25 constant driver tuned to 5A

Driver hook up with XML2 for testing current purpose. Didn’t want to kill my Flatblack during testing.

Driver with 20mm brass ring adaptor

Beamshot at 8m with perfect focus. Thanks for the orginal centering ring and I didnt to do any focusing.

inside reflector

Took lux reading 8m and it gives 3850 lux. This equivalent to 246k candela.

I also did mod with convoy C8+ similar setting and it have slightly lower candela but not much. Considering the size for pocket I definitely think C8+ is perfect reflector size for this LED throw and it’s a winner :slight_smile:

Link to Convoy C8+ with Flat Black

Don’t know if it counts as a “mod”. But i made a 5-minute setup, to light up my wife’s Harry Potter LEGO castle.

Q8 was the only driver I had that was’nt in use. It’s extreme overkill, but gets the job done :smiley:

BLF Q8 driver + XP-G3 R4 8A3 2700K + 3 x 18650 LG S3 2000mAh cells + Anduril in candle mode

Link to a givf showing it in action: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Nice Castle lighting! :slight_smile:

Wieselflinkpro, it’s the SupwildFire 7x shown in THIS post. I had to make an aluminum filler for the hollow head, changed the large MOSFET, bigger leads, spring bypasses, and of course the emitter swap. Will probably do individual copper DTP 16mm MCPCB’s as a final tweak. This has been another incremental mod light, recording each step along the way to see where the gains come in…

I made a flat white 1mm² in my convoy c8. The gaskets from int outdoor are for a 7mm reflector but i used it anyway. After turning the bezel a couple of times i got a pretty good beam. Uses a single mode nanjg driver with 3.04 amp. It gets pretty Hot after 60 seconds.

Top is the flat white and bottom a c8 with xpl hi and fet driver.