What did you mod today?

Last Friday I received some goodies from Led4Power and finally ended a mod I started in November! :person_facepalming:
I moded the Jaxman E3 into a triple, and changed the driver and LED of the Convoy T2.

No pics from the mod on the Convoy T2 , only some beamshots!

I must mention that if someone wants to mod this light, the MCPCB must be around 14mm. There is a ring that protrudes all around the shelf, and that hinders 16mm MCPCBs from fitting correctly.

Also, as the original flashlight uses a thin PCB plate (aluminum), a thicker one as those from Led4Power, will probably raise the reflector and the lens and will leave a small gap when screwing in the bezel of the flashlight. I put an o-ring in that gap :stuck_out_tongue:

This said, I reflowed a Luveon V 4000K in a old “shaved-to-14mm” Led4Power MCPCB. I used a 4-6A LD-A4 driver also from Led4Power, with a spring cut to half to make the battery fit.
I also put another type of clip borrowed from the Amutorch S3 (stainless steel), and I “flamed” the clip with a small lighter/torch (sorry, can’t remember the proper expression for this process :weary: ).


I started this mod in November. Back then I started with a 16mm copper rod to make the pill; I cut it by hand and filed to make it for the flashlight. It was bought in a local store.

I used a triple MCPCB board with Cool White XP-G2 S4-1A (from Jaxman) and a Carclo 10507 from Led4Power. Both the MCPCB and the Carclo had to be shaved / filed / sanded to fit the head and the bezel correctly. In this process, I slightly damaged the optic, so sanded it a bit, not uniformly. It works, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I drilled a hole in the shelf of the flashlight to make the wires (20AWG) fit. The driver is a 7-9A LD-A4 from Led4Power.
Around the pill I used a spacer bought some time ago in KD store from AliExpress. It helps a lot holding the pill in the correct place and it was perfect for this.
The pocket clip is a spare one from Nitefox ES10K, and I also “flamed” it with a small torch/lighter. Did the same with the bezel.

The threads form the T2 and the E3 are equal, so the parts are interchangeable. I wish the E3 had a round battery tube so that the clip was correctly aligned. I am still thinking about the possibility to add something between the tube and the tail cap of the E3, to make it align correctly!

The night beamshots are on Max output, with and EFEST IMR 14500 650mAh.

Convoy T2 (Luxeon V 4000K, OP reflector, 4-6A driver) >>> Jaxman E3 (3 x XP-G2 S4-1A, moded Carclo 10507, 7-9A driver)

Oh, thats no good mcpcb-design! I would change it, that you have + at the inside and not at the outside of the mcpcb. That would be safer. Remember the first Astrolux S41 flashlights, they had a similar design and some problems with shortcuits.

Oh, no worries, that is not the only thing that is designed badly on this light :party: The beam would improve drastically if the leds were placed closer together, I do not see one reason why that would not have been possible. It would even allow for a slimmer head. And I frosted the inside of the lens with fine sand paper now, that removed a ton of beam artifacts. I’m now at 650 lumen OTF at 2.94 A current, so total efficiency of close to 60 lm/W which is pretty ok for a 95CRI on top of BBL flooder.

Nice work! But I like warm leds.

Nice chunk of copper you got there, good job!

Thanks Mike :wink:
It gave some work to make it fit well (specially in height), but ended up working!
BTW, I found out that working with copper is harder than working with brass.
Drilling and filing brass in another similar mod gave me less work :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again :+1:

They won’t tell you, but copper is actually a dense form of peanutbutter :neutral_face:

Yep, cold pressed UV (Über Virgin).

Yeah, “extremely” dense form then :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t like to heat that kind of butter, the teeth would go “nuts” :smiley:
Working on with a hacksaw, some thin drills and a file was a fine challenge!
Wish I had better tools and I would certainly do some more stuff with thicker rods! (like a pill for my Amutorch VG10, to make it a quad :smiling_imp: )

Add in that slim little percentage of Tellurium to the Copper and once it again it machines like brass. Well worth it if you ask me…

On another note, but some machining still involved… I managed to trade my son a newer light for his Jacob A60 then coaxed 227.5Kcd from the old pencil beam thrower. :smiley:

Good job on the A60 Dale. I still take its stock 55 kcd (with XR-E led) as my reference point for throwers that I make, to feel good about how much flashlights have improved :slight_smile:
What led does it have now?

I machined the emitter shelf to accept a 20mm Noctigon with a White Flat. Using an FET+1 A6 style (that I built) and limiting power through cell choice, currently running a Panasonic PF that gives 6.01A at 4.19V freshly charged. Yeah yeah, I know, I have an LED4Power LD-A4 on the way that I will set to a little lower current to optimize the emitter so improper cell choice won’t kill it should I forget (and I will!).

When the LD-A4 arrives I plan to make a copper “retaining ring” that will hold the smaller 17mm driver, just replace the very thick aluminum retaining ring with one made from copper that has a shelf for the driver then solder the driver in after installing. :wink: (or if I take a notion I’ll make a retaining ring to fit within the retaining ring to hold the driver. Depends on the variables…

Convoy S2+ Triple XP-E Photo Red 670nm, Carclo 10508 - 8x7135 Convoy driver (Biscotti) - 18350 - Rv Clicky Sw.



Nitecore TIP CRI Nichia 219B - SD - ES Sw - Potted - 290lm.

Installed a green locator LED, boosted output slightly, fully potted internals and some GITD on the switches.

Turbo - 220lm to 290lm
High - 92lm to 160lm
Med - 23lm to 40 lm
Low - 1lm - 1lm

CRX, is that a noctigon on the triple? Or did you put something red thing below the lens! Nice effect :+1:

It is a Noctigon MCPCB.

I usually colour the bottom of the three support posts with black but did red this time as I thought it went better.

I modified the CRX Rotary with a 3K carbon fibre jacket and swapped the XP-L HD 3D emitter for an XP-L HI 3A 5000K as I found the XP-L HD 3D tint to be a little too green on the lower modes so now it's a much nicer creamy white to my eyes.

Copper, Titanium & Carbon Fibre construction
Cree XP-L HI v2 3A 5000K emitter
GITD O-ring & LED surround
20mm Copper DTP MCPCB
19mm x 8mm solid copper heatsink
20mm x 12mm SMO Reflector
22mm x 2mm dual coated ARC glass
Lighted Rotary six mode tail switch & Momentary button
Dual colour Tritium indicators
Diffuser/ protective carry case
Magnetic cell contacts
18350 cell compatible
Removable USB charging unit

Length – 94mm
Width – 27mm
Weight – 192g (with 18350 cell)


New Modes, Operation & Light output:

Pressing the momentary button or turning the rotary tail switch clockwise gives these approximate outputs:

Mo Sw - 1330 lm
Mode - 1 - 1200 lm
Mode - 2 - 392 lm
Mode - 3 - 174 lm
Mode - 4 - 45 lm
Mode - 5 - 3 lm
Mode - 6 - FF

Max cd - 15000
Max Throw - 245m

Modding the UF-C1 (P60) and the Revtronic PT20, to both I added the light cap. The PT20 has already been modified by replacing the reflector with a 120° TIR; I use it only in the house and so is very handy

Convoy S9 CF.

And some carbon fibre on the CRX CSLNM1.TG Copper & Titanium Zoomie :)


Carbon fibre spare cell carriers?

Carbon fiber spare cell carriers?

Yes please, I’ll take 3! :smiley: