What did you mod today?

I said 5400k, thats the part i have on order.
Anyone used them? Is it a nice constant beam just with a slightly higher CCT? Is the tint ok?
Got burnt trying 5000K XHP50.2 & 70.2, seems they just added yellow and green to the outer hostpot :person_facepalming: Ill never use them again.

Ive also ordered some of the 6000k’s on the 4x4 package, boost or whatever they call them. Im wondering if they go less purple under a FET.

You need to go after them with the razor and also slice vertically along the edges for the 50 and 70

Sweet !! Please give us more pics :sunglasses:
I did not know ” BlueSword Driver ” made drivers, good to know :wink:

He means he put new springs on both ends :slight_smile:

Another couple emitter swaps in the books.

Threw in a 3000k 90CRI XM-L2 into a purple S1R II and some 2700k 95CRI SST-20s into a FW3C.

The warm CCT definitely suits copper for sure.

There are a few reports of this LED. See here for some info.

I was about to do the same mod but decided to gave away the flashlight to someone :slight_smile:

Lumintop X9L sbt90.2 de-lens. Super super easy. Reflector comes off, ran light on turbo for a little bit to heat it up, used thin eye-glasses flat head screwdriver to pop lens off from one of the corners. I bet even a knife would work the adhesive isn’t strong at all.

repaired broken driver wire on 2011 RRT-01

Thanks for risking the $45 and reporting back!

Is that glue in the second pic or broken glass? Just clean it up with alcohol?

Glue residue :+1:

I didn’t try to clean it or anything I was scared to bump the tiny wires on the die, residue is really thin though.

Is the lens just for protection of those little wires? Anyone know for sure?

Sometimes you just need more AAA’s to try more LEDs. If I had more variety I would offer it up to pass around for so many undecided people.

Nice collection, contactcr! I’ve got probably just shy of that. I’m a sucker for AAA and AA lights as they’re usually inexpensive and probably get most of my use since there’s always one around (always at least one or two in my pockets)

Yep ..... 15-20 AAA lights is about enough . There ends up not really being that much difference in them to warrant having too many more than that . I have a small box that when it gets full of AAA's I think .."ok that's enough"..

..... need to get a bigger box .

1.2mm copper heatsink to shim using hand tools :weary:

This allows proper contact with Convoy Omtem Switch inside the Brass S2+ tail cap.

i’m not sure if you want to click this link or not, but that is definitely some manual work.


Thanks, those should come in handy.

It seems like more products are becoming available, it really pays to do a thorough product search. For example I decided to look again for a 120mm glass lens (to replace a plastic lens) for a light. I found someone on eBay that custom cuts glass disks for just a couple dollars.

I have had a couple of those Boruit D10 headlamps for quite while. I like the light a lot but there has been one main gripe. Like so many cheaper lights the emitter is very cold. I have been meaning to swap the XM-L it came with for something else. Today I did it, using a Samsung LH351D in 4000K, CRI 90.

I neglected to take a “before” image. I began with removing the OEM star and emitter. It was glued in place with a little thermal compund. Prying with a small screwdriver popped it loose. After de-soldering and some preliminary scraping, this is what I had. Those wires to the mcpcb sure are short.

I did do a more thorough job of cleaning up the debris. Then I reflowed the LH351D onto a mtnelectronics 200mm mcpcb. Here it is just before I slipped it off my homemade reflow hot plate.

I managed to solder the wires to the mcpcb with less drama than I was anticipating.

I mounted the mcpcb to the shelf using some double sided thermal tape. As well as swapping the mcpcb/emitter I am swapping the reflector with an optic. I’m not sure of the angle. It was in one of my unlabeled odds ‘n’ ends boxes. Not too wide, not too narrow. I did try this out before commencing the emitter swap.

A nice, noticably warmer shade of light than the OEM emitter. I have used the 4000K 90 CRI LH351D in other applications and do like the light it produces.

Looking at the front end of the optic…

Another shot…

Beam shot… the light is about 16 to 18 inches above the wood. (wood is a back panel for a kitchen island cabinet I am working on.)

Charging the 30Q now…

Nice swap, Don. Those things do make good hosts.