What did you mod today?

I guess it’s more comfortable now? :slight_smile:

Nitecore PD EX11.2 w 219b 4500k 9080 D200 SW45k

I smile every time I see the Hot Pink tint :slight_smile:

on 16340:
minimum 0.03 lumens
maximum 300 lumens

Good one !

I modded the state of charge of the Sony VCT6 in my FW3A today by removing the cell and placing it in my Liitokala charger.

Another nice 219B sw45k mod jon_slider! That is an amazing LED.

thank you very much for the kind and supportive words. You have very good taste…

fwiw, that Nitecore EX11.2 has an sw45k from Bob McBob. It is the most pink variant, a D200, highly recommended.

andy zhu also has sw45k, they are D220 and are nice too, less intensely pink.

in the past andy also had sw45, non k, and less pink of the three, but still has a slight pink tint, noticeable when compared to CW and Low CRI Leds whose DUV (Tint), is farther above the BBL

andy has a great variety of other 219b LEDs too…
I like the sw30 he has too, recommended.

I have the 219B sw30 D180 and sw35 D200 LEDs from azhu. They are very nice!

And I also got my sw45k D200 from Bob McBob. Agreed, highly recommended.

Have you tried the sw40 D200 from Illumn I have them in a quad Convoy M2 and I think it’s probably my favorite CCT/tint of all my flashlights. :heart_eyes:

congrats on finding love :wink:

I had not tried the D200 sw40, I have a D220 sw40 and I wish is was more pink… Thanks for the tip! :+1:

I do have sw35 D200 from azhu, but it is not a favorite… “too green”… lol

If you want a nice rosy 3500K, try the Nichia E17A SM353 from Eurekatronix (Virence).

Here’s the sw35 D200 on the left vs the quad SM353 on the right:

thank you for the comparison photo,
that E17a 3500k looks very nice,

I had not seen it before
and the tint looks nice for my pink preferences

what light is that in… curious about the optic

They’re in a pink S2+ host with a frosted lens. Here are some pics:

great photos
looks very nice…

is there an Anduril driver option? :wink:

I’m just using a Convoy driver. The safe max current for these quad E17A LEDs is 4 amps.

Nice mod NeutralFan! And always clean :heart_eyes:

Hum, to help answering jon_slider’s question about Anduril driver, would I be wrong saying that: to use a driver with that firmware in a Convoy S2+, it would need some major mods (inner tubes, eventual pill adapting, different switch, ….) to make it work, and that to use this kind of driver (FET) with those leds, it would need some “throttling” to maintain the max current on/under 4A?

Thanks for showing again :+1:

Or a piston drive :stuck_out_tongue: , which I assume isn’t much simpler to achieve :smiley: .

Anduril isn’t limited to FETs (which indeed would burn the E21As E17As) 7135s can be used for constant current, also linear FET or buck/boost.

Mike C’s B17 clicky boost driver would be more suitable, while not Anduril I imagine his UI will be much more advanced and configurable than Convoy’s, it is also much more efficient, with proper moonlight, regulation for the full battery etc… a very nice upgrade for an S2 and compatible with quad E21A/17A since those can be configured as 3, 6 or 12V.

Nice mod indeed NeutralFan.

Thanks for the correction and further information thefreeman :wink:
I wasn’t considering MikeC’s driver as it is not “comercialized” as other drivers with Anduril, but it is too an option for mechanical “clicky” flashlights!

A piston driver such would also imply some modding too so I guess that it would be no different from the e-switch in terms of work! :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my favorite lights in my collection that I will never part with got a new shorter tube to try on.

Quite awkward to hold with 18350 but I had to see. Thorfire C8S Switch, Convoy 18350 C8 tube, kiriba-ru heatsink head + his mods and spacer to turn it into ANNA-6 (not pictured), SS bezel ground down by kiriba-ru as well. It legos, not as smooth as the Thorfire tube but it works.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a constant current driver with Anduril and limit it to the current you specify?

With my E17A flashlights, I’m using a Convoy Driver for SST40 ,12groups which maxes out at either 5 or 6 amps depending on the size. I then set it to group 8 which limits the current to 50%, so either 2.5 or 3 amps.

Ideally it would be nice to go up to 4 amps, but with the 4 modes up to 50, I’m very happy with the driver and the flashlights get plenty bright. The 0.1 moonlight mode is very low and the driver accommodates a lighted tail switch without a bleeder resistor, which is also very nice.

It’s possible to specify current limit, but requires rebuild and reflash. Here’s an example of 2A configuration: What did you mod today? - #9478 by g_damian

If you change the 10mΩ (R010) resistor to 15mΩ on the 6A Convoy driver you’ll get 4A. On a constant current Anduril driver that uses a current sense resistor like lume1 or noctigon for comercially available ones, current can be changed the same way, or like G_damian mentionned by modifiying the ramp.

I have swapped emitters in my FWAA.

Now running Osram CSLNM1.TG