What did you mod today?

It’s still quite round and nice. I have a video with similar setup somewhere in this thread

Convoy C6

Of course it’s just plain old C8 with an aluminum spacer

Leds are the mix of 3000K and 5000K Luxeon V2.
The led4power’s 6A driver in DD mode gives 8.5A on tail, so I’m guessing around 3000lm.

The build process:

I don’t know if it’s the case of an old type C8 host, but mine shorted leds wires, so I had to isolate the screw:

… and also the fully tightened bezel gave me this:


Tint comparision between K9.3 SST-20 4000K (left) and C6 (right):

Album with all pictures

Nice, what optic is that ?

Ledil Anna 40-6

Thanks JaredM.

Cheap eBay microscope got an upgrade

The little coin cells finally died but instead of replacing them I replace the whole thing with a QX5252 circuit that is powered by a single AAA battery. The cool white emitter has also been replaced with 4000k rngwn 5mm

Ouch. Did the optic survive that?

Ouch! It seems every mod has its own challenges, but glad you figured it out.



Yes, it did. I was surprised how heavy anna optic is in comparison with carclo quad.

Awesome, thanks.

Im glad you asked… I also wondered

the video shows the beam is still very nice…

Impressed I am. :+1:


My Sanremu knives!
I bough 2 “spyderco-like” pocket clips and some screws/rivets and finally gave them deep carry clips :sunglasses:

My E3S came in - the last purple they had in-stock on their aliexpress store. The UI is steaming hot garbage, so: is this board/BOM available? I think assembly will be easier on the shorty at least.

My boards are available on Oshpark, so are Loneoceans’s if you’re interested in the aux. Almost all parts are fairly standard FET+1 components with the exception of the attiny1616 instead of the attiny85. Unfortunate with the chip shortage those are pretty much impossible to get right now.

Awesome thanks - I forgot to check again, and the last time I looked I didn’t see it (may have been my oversight).

I’ve actually got an assembled loneoceans aux board from my Lume1 which I’ve decided is unusable (due to lack of RPP). I’ll order it eventually, between that and the 1616.

"GT90 Mini" - OK, so i know others have done this already, but what a FUN setup. Gt mini pro (OP reflector) with the sbt90.2 in it. I selected the mini pro because of its higher amp driver, otherwise i really wanted to use a smooth reflector version like the standard GT mini. But the OP reflector actually works pretty well, and i am definitely getting close to the KCD if not more than my ft03 xhp50.2.. Going to take some measurements after i tidy up the install of the sbt90.2 by reaming the reflector and centering it a bit better.

Haha that’s awesome! How quickly and how hot does it get on turbo?

I have the thermal regulation turned off (thanks to the awesome gt driver) and honestly it takes about a minute which is way better than I thought it would be. I feel like I can push it more, I may try bypassing the springs this weekend see if that gets me anywhere. I am running a molicel P26a battery. It is fun though!