What did you mod today?

My wife has been using a Crelant CH10 headlamp going out at night checking on Shadow. The beam is too defined really for a head lamp and it’s not the brightest, so I let her try my ArmyTek Wizard Pro with XHP-50 and it’s warm tint. She said the bugs were really drawn to it! So I pulled the XHP-50 and put an XHP-70 in it at a whiter output, had to fit the honeycombed diffusion TIR to cover the larger dome but it works and is making 3400 lumens on my box. She says she can’t make up her mind, but then she’s been using the modded ArmyTek most of the last week so I think she’s enjoying the brighter wider delivery of light. She’s free to change her mind of course… lol

Quick mod on an old Nitefighter, almost a C8. I used a driver supplied by a member that was from the BTU Super Shocker. Supposed to be 5A regulated to the emitter, I used Vappower 18350’s for this build and a 5000k XHP50. The light only draws 2.75amps off the cells when at full charge, I suspect that goes way up as the voltage drops, but I have not tested that yet. Really want to get ahold of the Aspire cells for this one and for an MT-G2 build.

The driver has a slightly damaged inductor as seen by the photo, seems to work ok. The beamshot is a lot underexposed, damn cell phone pic anyway.

I had a chance to do a mod today…. Convoy C8 with extension tube, triple xhp50 90 cri, kiriba-ru copper spacer, and mtn 17mm fet driver. I still need to polish up the extension tube more to blend in with the rest of the parts better.

Very nice :+1:

Very nice vinte77, did you use the TPAD XM MCPCB ?.

I put together a X7 with a de-domed XM-L2 CW and a C8s with a de-domed SST-40 both with a MTN-20DDm driver :

C8s DD SST-40 (left) X7 DD XM-L2 (right)

I really like how the tint of the X7’s CW emitter turned out after DD.

Yes, I used the tpad 32mm xm triple mcpcb.

Nice. What optics did you use? Got a link?

I suppose this is polished cute-3

Manually polished, or sold as “polished”?

It’s a cute 3 that’s been hand polished.

What ledboard is that?

I have been looking for a triple xm-l/xhp50 ledboard that will fit the cute 3, but i must have been realy bad at looking :nerd_face:

Richard had 5 or 6 pcs in stock, but I suppose vinte had bought all of them :smiley:
You can try to order such boards from cutter.

Ah thank you!

I have been properly blind for not finding those…

Which extension tube have you bought?

vinte77, that is a compact way to get a whole lot of lumens. Care to comment on the performance?

So the cute-3 can fit the XHP50?

I bought the 32mm tpad triple mcpcb off of mountain and I think when I bought it there wasn’t but a few remaining so it makes sense that there isn’t any left right now.

I bought the extension tube off of fasttech, here’s the link : https://www.fasttech.com/p/1575200 . The extension tube needs some finagling to get it to fit, but I didn’t have to do any modifications to the tube to make it fit. Just greased up the threads and kept screwing the extension tube in and backing it out everytime the tubes got stuck until it fit all the way in. Oh and of course, I stripped the anodizing off to match the rest of the light.

I haven’t had a chance to really test out the light besides doing a function check. But I can say that the light is very very bright. I’ll report back once I get a chance to play with the light more.

That is nice for sure, seems only thing missing is one of Simons SS bezels

I forgot to add that you have to slice the domes off of the xhp50s to make them fit under the optics.

So I had a chance to play with the light last night. I ran it on 2 vtc6 batteries and it pulled about 20amps. It puts out a nice wall of high cri light with a nice hotspot and a lot of spill. My only issue with the light is that there is a very small faint donut hole in the middle but it’s only noticeable on a whitewall. I ordered flexpro’s MT lens and hopefully that’ll do the trick or if not I might try an unpolished cute-3 instead. The light heats up pretty quickly but it wasn’t too bad but I definitely won’t be running it on high for too long. The heavy copper slug definitely helps with the heatsinking. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other tools to do any other measurements.

OK, thanks. Thats what I thought, it will not fit.
I have this extension too, but no C8 for it. This extension fits the old/first Convoy C8, I think.
You used brutal force to fit this tube.