What did you mod today?

Mouser has listings for N4 bins in 5000K tint (among others) and I posted in the Kaidomain forum hoping they would be able to source some since Mouser does not have them “in stock” for small quantities. We’ll see!

As I said, even if taking the 10% loss that the calibration lights demand, this one is still doing over 10,000 lumens. With Maukka’s calibration lights, according to the S2+, I was about 10% over. Hard to say how it relates going from a 300 lumen small light to a 11,000 Lumens plus big light, but there it is. So, if I astutely applied Maukka’s calibration lights this Q8 makes 10,122.3 lumens. According to what Jos is saying, the calibration lights are still off, so who knows what the real answer is.

Bright as He! There ya go!

Are the SST-40's N4's? 5000Ks? Could you tell us where you got them? I see N4 5000K's listed at Mouser, 500 qty min, and not in stock - the only place I know of.

Maybe Richard is look'n at them - I see he's got the flat whites now, and spacers!

I would love to get some neutral tint SST-40s. :heart_eyes:

Great LED… but the biggest problem about them was we could only get them in cool white and I hate cool white.

Putted one Osram white flat in my Brinyte B158B

You are not allowed to post this without numbers :expressionless:

Last night I got an SST20 4000K 95 CRI Emisar D4. Promptly swapped its star into my modded aluminum-titanium D4.

After testing it and playing around with it, I concluded that the SST20 was considerably inferior to XPL HI for this light, so today I swapped the old star back.

Sorry! Just finished it but I’m at work in night shift. When I get home the sun is up. When I leave home the sun is up too. So I need to wait sunday night because that day I finally staying home.
The dedomed XP-G2 S4 2B done 300kcd what I removed now.

:+1: I can wait till sunday :slight_smile:

Instead, it was my day off today, so I got round to testing a led tint for TA, swapping main led and switch leds in a Sofirn SC31, and just tonight swapping in a Luxeon V led in a small Supfire 16340 light that was modded before with BLF-A6 driver, spring bypass and colour-changing tail. It is now a pocket rocket waiting for that new ultra-high current 16340 cell that Vapcell was trying to source for us.
In the meantime I bought two cheap Enercig 16340 cells from NKON that are rated at “14A” on the website. I asked Arjan (from NKON) if that was a typo (because his Enercig 18350 cells were also rated “14A”) and he answered that it was just the information he got. I got them in today, and without being able to test them like HKJ does (they do measure 715mAh on the Opus :+1: ), I easily got 1160 lumen out of the little Supfire with one.

I put a 3500k XHP50.2 in my Amutorch TC750 Shadow. Wasn’t real happy with the cooler tint it came with. Think it was around 5700k or so. I like the new tint but there is a lot of tint shift from the center of the hot spot to the bleed. Only noticeable up close though.

Thanks for that info djozz!
Could that be a “reasonable” high drain battery, an alternative to the AW IMR16340 15C 550mAh (Red)?
Now I am also curious because of the Enercig TN14500HP 650mAh , which might be a good alternative to the EFEST IMR 14500 Purple (despite HKJ tests show some inconsistency between the tested batteries…).

Monday, I just built a modest Sofirn C8f with XPL-Hi V3 3A. It will be a gift, with Mtn's 17mm fet+1 driver. I'm getting better at teaching people the D4 firmware.

My problem... It is a very nice light. I had to test it, of course, and now it will be hard to give away.

My other problem was getting 18awg through the holes in the shelf, and then doing the spring bypass with it... I had to strip the length of the spring plus the board width because the insulation didn't fit through the driver's positive LED-wire hole. It was designed for maybe 20 or 22 awg, but I am stubborn. So I soldered the base of the exposed lead to that hole, and the end to the spring. Should have just gotten high current springs....

hmm hi draw batteries, a JST60 plug and a 60C drain rc flight pack, hmmmm. :open_mouth:

I’m completely unsure. This ebayseller (sells a lot of Enercig and Enerdan products, maybe an Enerdan factory store?) mentions a maximum discharge current of just 2.1A, which would imply that this cell is ok but not great. However I get the impression that it does better than that. Without HKJ-style testing we will not really know.

*the “quick test” function on my Opus gives huge variation from slot to slot and from time to time, from 109 to 250.
*capacity test (500mA) was resp. 705 and 712 mAh
*the amp reading at startup in my little Luxeon V light: 3.23A for the old red Efest V1 700mAh, 5.45A for the Enercig (but what is the capacity at 5.45A?).
*the output at 30 seconds: 520 lumen for the old Efest, 990 lumen for the Enercig. The Enercig showed much less drop than the Efest, but perhaps the Efest got tired over the years?

That is all I can do about this cell…

The small cells degrade faster under punishment, this I know from experience.

Thanks for taking the time to write and test djozz! Much appreciated!!
Wish HKJ could do some test on these cells to check how they really perform, as so far it seems better than advertised!
About that seller, can it be another battery and not the one you have? I’ve noticed that the Enercigs have similar names (apparently) but then they differ. (as in NKON site)

Again, thanks and I will keep an eye on these! And also on the Enercig EC-14500HP 650mA, that seem to perform well on high Amps (better than windyfire IMR and efest IMR)!

Today I decided to modify Lumintop SDmini. The last time I changed his diode. Now the driver. I pulled out of the GTmini with a broken switch and put it in SDmini. Effect? Wow. A fantastic compromise of size, power, range …
When the temperature control was turned off, after 6 minutes in the turbo it reached the temperature of 78 degrees Celsius. Hot, but it does not bother me. The most important thing is that now I have full control.
These are my measurements:

Nice komeko! Always did like those lights and you’ve really made that one special! :slight_smile:

The original UI was terrible. Bad spacing and long holding to turn off. Led only CW. But now it’s the perfect flashlight, small, powerful, with a great UI. He deserves a place on my shelf :wink:

Totally agree - the modified SD Mini w/FET+1 and NarsilM has been my go-to EDC for quite a while, just wish Lumintop didn't stop selling/supplying them. It's quality all the way from the anodizing, to reflector to lens, and in a perfect hand size, pocket size, package.

Mine has a Luxeon V with the switch LED support.