What did you mod today?

Impressed I am! :+1:

Cool is Cool
Optisolis 6500k color separation is outstanding
Good color temperature for daywork

Interesting, wonder why he has these boards?

Probably since he’s a flashlight enthusiast like the rest of us, and I’m very appreciative that he sells them! I was actually surprised to find them since I didn’t find any mention of them here on BLF.

Hey, that’s pretty neat. I’d been considering an optisolis light, but couldn’t decide on a good way to do it. I might try with a frosted spot or something for mine, since I’m not concerned about throw.

I’m a bit backed up on mods ATM, though. Hope adventure sport flashlights continues to carry them.

it is helpful to blend the beam of the optisolis with frost or pebble.
because it does not have symmetrical output

I am impressed, and glad to learn, that the optisolis can work in a triple optic

that was unanticipated as the LED is not very similar in height and size, to other typical LEDs that the optics are “designed” for.

seems the frosting is the key :slight_smile:

Hope it works out good for you, but dont worry, I know of a chemical solution that will strip anodizing from Ti.
Took me some research to find the right one that most all professinal Ti anodizing companys are using.
It will leave the Ti a little dull but can be polished back without to much effort.
PM me if you need the info.

I’m not anodizing it I guess its oxidizing with heat. Probably easier to revert back, not sure.

In any case the fw3t arrived but the switch is so bad it’s unusable to me. A LED dome 2/3 covered in paste. I can see under two of the LEDs between pads. Going to see if Illumn will exchange it. Shame on Lumintop they should be making these perfect by now.

They are both basically the same thing, oxidization. I have done both electrically and by heat. The heat anodizing is some what harder to remove.
The higher the temp or voltage on the color scale the thicker the ozidization layer and the harder it is which makes it harder to remove but more durable.
I came across the chemical make up of Multi-Etch.

This ferric chloride is disgusting. Once this is done I don’t plan on using any more. Stains everything and hard to dispose but the look is cool for sure.

Why “hard to dispose of”? It’s basically salty rust. After use, salty copper. Flushes right down, just use enough water so it doesn’t sit in a pipe for too long.

Is this S2+ host from Kaidomain?

Decided to throw 219B sw40 R9080 in my Thrunite T10TV2. My first 219B in any flashlight. I’ve had a pair of sw40 and sw45 from azhu for a while now, it’s about time I put one to use.

The Thrunite T10TV2 has XPL-HD in some neutral tint… there’s a bit of tint shift but it ain’t XP-G3. A hint of green but not too bad. But I want some CRI! I’ll be leaving the driver stock since I use it with NiMh and it’s good enough. Previously I couldn’t open the darned thing, but now I own more than one strap wrench.

Sure enough, red threadlocker. Fun stuff…

Managed to peel it off that screw head with tweezers.

Might be tough to get those screws… The heads are pre-stripped a bit for me.
Got ’em (Phillips #0 if anyone’s wondering). MCPCB still stuck but the screws are just spinning.

Oh, that figures. Overflow threadlocker holding it down. That’s gonna go…
A bit overkill for one MCPCB, huh. Oh well.

Unsoldered around 150C. Pretty low-temp. I need to touch up the pads with my solder, which isn’t as low-temp, so up we continue to go.
Beautiful. Tapped the head really quick with a Q-tip, as I’ve read countless times to do, and got a cute little blob in the center of one edge. Neat! Now we wait for everything to cool off.

Had to modify a spare centering to fit - the original didn’t quite want to fit around the 219B. Not sure if the package is a tiny bit bigger, or if it just wasn’t accommodating the solder blob on the edge. Oh well.

(Sorry for the fingerprint on the lens.)
All done! It’s definitely got less green than the (very nice, honestly) SST-20 4000K in my FW3A. I expect I’ll definitely have lost some lumens, especially if I ever put a 14500 back in, as they’re reported to be 700-800 lumens on turbo and that’s where 219B tops out iirc. But I am quite pleased with it, the HCRI and R9 are quite nice.

Oh crap! I just realized that’s a S2(+) host with the rubber tail boots. Do want.

Minor mods tonight to my Sofirn S11 zoomie:

  • Converted it from screw-zoom to push-pull-zoom. Took about 15 minutes with a handfile to remove the threads on the neck. Now the zoom is much faster and more convient to operate.
  • Removed frosting from center element of the TIR optic. Took 15 minutes with jeweler’s rouge and some Q-Tips. Without the frosting the beam is a little throwier (I think… I didn’t measure since my lux meter needs a new battery). Flood mode is also now more like a LED Lenser with the beam fading out rapidly after the main circle of spill. The very wide outer spill was caused by the frosting and is gone.

Both the center and side elements of the TIR optic have approximately the same focal point…. so with frosting removed throw should increase. Having the same focal point for both elements is like LED Lenser and unlike recent Coast lights.

congrats on getting the light open

please share a link to the strap wrench that works for you,
mine are worthless

I put together Convoy L21A, XHP50.2 3V version and Convoy ramping driver for SST40.
Pulls 7,5A from Efest IMR21700 5000mAh, but I am not happy with it, kinda expected a bit narrower beam, better throw! XHP series with the dome, what was I thinking :person_facepalming:
I only wish I used less thermal paste :person_facepalming:
Next test: same host and driver with Osram red projection led, this one peaks at 8A and has no dome, I have a good feeling about it :slight_smile:

Slice it!

I will try but from my experience with other leds kinda don’t like that method much, I was never too happy with my results so I focused on dedoming but this led, generally XHP series doesnt like chemical deoming so slicing it is then.

I also have some of those Osram white flat leds with rectangle die, more powerful version of NM2, might try that as well!

The first (“Mastergrip”) was part of a 3-pack from long ago, when I was a child. My dad got the 3-pack, gave me one, kept one, and gave his father the last. I can’t find any current listings for it.
The blue/black is “from Lowe’s store-brand ”Kobalt”“:https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-2-Piece-Household-Tool-Set/50029434

Yes they are, here’s the red one: DIY S2 PLUS LED FLASHLIGHT HOST 118MM X 24MM - RED