What did you mod today?

Jeez, that sounds horrible. We don’t have any Lowes here in Puerto Rico, or Harbor Freight. I really wish we did. You guys get so many affordable tools, power generators, etc. That Predator 9500 inverter generator that replaces the Honda model (it’s like a Honda EU7000iS but even more powerful, even if it’s not as quiet) is 2 grand at harbor freight. That same unit is being sold here for 4-5 grand.

I took the missus advice and cleaned off the anodizing

She was right, looks better now.

My missus has just one advice on flashlights :frowning:

The AA battery of my little analog alarm clock is dead.

I modded it Nov 18 2020 (link to the mod), swapped the incan bulb, that worked with a momentary button, with a dim led that is permanently lighted. The 260 microamps current should have been good for half a year on a fresh alkaline battery and indeed, it has worked for even 8 months. Will put in a new battery for another 8 months.

Yep, I agree.

Thanks for the update djozz. Very cool mod!

Lol, my wife is very accepting of my unusual hobby. I know she really doesn’t care about lights but she entertains me by pretending :heart_eyes:

Oooh I didn’t like it at first, thought it looked very weird and out of place, but now that it’s all actually bare and monochromatic, it actually looks pretty nice. :+1:

Too bad. Seems like results are random.

Yeah, and what is that piece that was removed? Was that part of the phosphor or is that the “window” part that I’ve heard being spoken about in some other threads? I’ve been out of the flashlight world for quite a long time and only recently came back and I was only familiar with domes. Now I’ve heard about “windows” as well. What are they, what are they for and what are the effects? If I know that, then I’ll know why people remove them. Is it similar to de-doming in terms of the performance benefits? (that being more throw at the expense of lumen output most times).

That “window” on my picture is how the dome came of. I placed it there just to show what it looks like after removal. Luminus SBT90 has a window in front of it. I think it is just to protect the phosphor. That’s just my guess.

Hmm, interesting. I took a few pics earlier tonight of my new Nitecore TM39 and I took some pics of the emitter. Handheld and in terrible, dim lighting in my room late at night so not the best shot but you can clearly see the SBT-90.2 and mine doesn’t seem to have anything on it covering the phosphor. Maybe they made the 2nd gen without the window? Lemme turn my laptop on real quick to upload the pic to Imgur… hope the compression doesn’t kill the quality so much as I’ve already compressed it from Raw into JPEG plus further compression from uploading to Imgur etc…. Meh, should be enough to see everything clearly.

Convoy S21B, 6V boost driver @4A and Nichia B35AM 5000K R9080.

how is the beam? any artifacts?

@Neurotoxin, I’m pretty sure I see the glass window, the picture shows no reflections to tell it is there, but it does show the glued edges.

Perfect, not a single artifact!

But i might go with 3A driver cause this one gets hot fast at 100%

That is a lens over die...

I agree that all Luminus leds come stock standard with a dome or glass lens. Have you got a better pic Neurotoxin

Ok now I think I get exactly what you’re referring to, I was just looking for the wrong thing. Whenever I heard the term window here, I thought they just covered the LED just like the silicone/epoxy “bead” that just covers the phosphor, and many if not all of the domed LEDs just cover the phosphor and leave the rest of the die clean . Instead, it’s a square, glass “pane” that covers the whole LED, the leads on both sides, and a large part of the surrounding area. Any idea what it’s for? Perhaps for the purpose of sealing the diode and protecting it from contamination and perhaps also to keep it flat and in place?

More like to protect those tiny conntact wires which onece delensed can be easily destroyed and then no more light