What did you mod today?

For once I’m a good boy, I trimmed to the relevant sections only! (on mobile, too)

Well, actually, you’d have to cut it, not me. Airfare for me to go to Finland would be pretty steep…

But yeah, they usually have “dotted lines” every few LEDs where you can cut cleanly and have those solderable pads.

Don’t be cheap LB. Help a fella out.

Turned a Lumintop D2 thrower with an awful reflector and ugly beam, into a nice little floodlight.

There is a sliced XHP 50.2 and a 25 degree TIR lens in this now, and the light it puts out is much more useful.
I was going to keep it as a thrower, but this setup just kind of worked out.

This is the TIR lens I used:

AliExpress Link

My strap wrench was delivered today and I finally got my old River Rock 2C apart. I didn’t even have to apply any heat, had the flashlight body clamped in my vise with 2 pieces of leather and the strap wrench took the head right off. Now to figure out what I want to try to do with it. My curiosity wants to try to install a newer single emitter to see what the aspheric lens does with some real lumens going through it. In the end, I want to try to see if I can get the lens out, I think its pressed in, so I can maybe do a 3 or 4 emitter setup.

I made some dark chocolate. :slight_smile:

That is, I turned an old black Sofirn C8F host into a dark chocolate-colored host. The image shows another of the same in its original black with the baked chocolate one. I have had these for a few years. :person_facepalming:

I am not completely settled upon what I will end up using for emitters when I complete this. I am waiting for the driver to arrive, so I have time to think.

Yes, that is a hole drilled in the brown tail cap; that is another story that went in another direction.

I did similar treatment to my Convoy M21B. It turned out little more copper colored. Your tailcap might need some more time for color consistency.

I love baked lights.

Iam looking for one 18650/21700 usb flashlight with boost driver to use my xhp70s…Any idea friends? My mod idea for years…

Convoy M21D (or M21E) takes 21700, has USB-C charging, and can be had with a boost driver.

Wau…But too big head…Iam more into Eagtaci-sh flashlight sizes with this led…Probably not so easy to find

I did two pretty basic Mods today — I’ve been having this Eagtac P100C2 laying around — Go figure a S2+ pill and reflector worked perfectly — I used a 70 cri Nichia with a Crescendo driver — Nice little light — handles heat rather well — Finally found a light this driver works with

Playing around I tried to make something useful out of this D2 — I put a 4000k Nichia and used a OP S2 reflector — kind of off the wall , but at least it’s a usable light now

The original D2 reflector looked awful when I first got mine. I bet even with that smaller reflector it’s a much better beam profile.

Yep—- I tried the original reflector with the Nichia —it was better but no spill with a big light circumference — today while I was changing out the reflector on the other light — I tried it out — S2 reflector is a little deeper — not sure if the lens will take a drop like this — I would’ve been upset if I would of paid more than $15 for this light

Ended up emitter swapping 4 of those Astrolux LT1 keychain lanterns after I had done such to the first I received and loved it. Very easy to do and vastly improves the lantern, although the variant that comes with the 4000k SST-20 stock would have been my pick had I done this over again.

Lousy phone camera of the 4.

LH351D 5700k, 219b sw45k D220, SST-20 4000k, LH351D 2700k

Need to get my hands on a 3000-3500k emitter, the 5700k isn’t as pleasant as I was hoping.

…and secret information about H300 driver output voltage unrevealed… :person_facepalming: XHP50.3 configurable to 3V too. What kind of driver is it ? Linear, buck, boost? On test graph it behaves like buck or linear.

I put the tir lens in the Convoy S11 with the FC40. It fits perfectly in width. I just had to put a gasket for reflector with a 10mm hole so that the lens had something to rest on. Cool flooder with a high cri.

Cool looking optic! And it looks nicely executed too :+1:

That’s my graph (I’m Gabriel at 1Lumen). I would say boost since I installed a 6/12V LED into it and it’s a single cell light.

Not configurable to 3v. The 3v is a separate LED that can’t be used at 6v/12v