What did you mod today?

Plenty at Ali

TLR-7 pistol light

Originally >5300K 65CRI unknown LED modded to SST-20 4000K FA3(?)

The original LED was larger die and more flood so as I suspected the beam got a slight ring in it up close but in use you cant tell. It’s now slightly more throw with high CRI.

FR4 board held down by T5 Torx screws

Before and After

Much improved! Where did you find those nice beefy tweezers? I’d love to have a pair like that.

Hozan P-887

I have 1 or 2 straight ones from them too, all excellent.

Tamiya 74047 HG is also good but slightly smaller and finer.

All can be found on Amazon sometimes in limited quantities.

Excellent, thank you! I know Hozan from their bicycle tools and a few other odds and ends…everything was top notch.

Swapped a 5700K SFT40 from Simon in my KR1 and this is a perfect combo!

I had to modify a gasket to make it fit, spent 2,5h sanding and only the 3rd one was exactly good.

The only thing is, when ramping down it goes so low, the LED switches off.
This means it makes it difficult to distuinguish whether it is switched on or off, which is very impractical.

For now, i switch it off before completely ramping down.

In Anduril you can change the floor level in ramp config. 7H when light is on.

Thanks for the tip, it has Anduril 1, so after some experimenting with the UI chart i managed to get it right now!

Does anyone know why some Convoy drivers have small empty pads marked with K? 12V 2,5A boost driver for example has those.

For an e-switch, so that the same board can be used for clicky or e-switch just by using the appropriate firmware.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. Now I’m intrigued to see what happens if I connect momentary switch to those without any firmware tweaks.

Just spent $48 on two pairs of tweezers…I’ve avoided pricey tweezers for years. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad because it’s possible to spend that much or more on just one pair. lol

The Hozan PP100, straight with serrations. Tried to find the 103 with fatter tips but those were only overseas with high price and high shipping cost. Seems like right now everything Japan has much higher prices than just a year ago. I actually came out ahead ordering several items from Amazon Japan (and had shockingly fast cheap shipping as well, but not now). Good deal on some superfine hair tip Hakko, too.


They will take a LOT of abuse. One of my pairs I hate to admit has been used to pry and unscrew pills dozens of times. I finally went too far and used it to unscrew one too many loctite pills and they also became misaligned so I just bent them back and relegated them to “rough” duty. Definitely not made for that but if you use them for regular tweezer duty I cant imagine you could ever wear them out in a lifetime.

I can… https://intl-outdoor.com/led/mt-g2/mt-g2-led.html

Wow those are some nice tweezers! I really need to show this to the mrs to put my spendings in perspective hahaha.

Got my SFT-40 LED in the mail from Convoy, and put it in the Mezzol X6 flashlight that I bought off AliExpress, along with a FET driver drawing 4.3A at the tail.

I recently put a YD5050 LED into my EagleEye X6-SE which is basically the same light. Here they are together.

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I did notice some minor scratches on my D4(v1) glass lens.
So i searched how to remove the AR coating and tried it with succes!

Weakened the AR coating by letting it soak into IPA for 30 minutes and then polishing it with silver polish.
Now it looks like new! So after having success i did remove the AR coating of all my Emisar and Noctigons :wink:

Hmmm. I have one with a scratch I don’t like the appearance of.
I don’t have any IPA on hand though.
Do you think a stout or a pilsner would do the job?

:person_facepalming: :beer:

Or just skip the IPA part, drink a normal :beer: sometimes you have got to take some risk

I have removed AR coating with steel wool. No scratches.