What did you mod today?

One 21700 and boost driver from Simon.

ok,but its stock driver there?

This one

I haven’t done anything with my flashlights anymore for several months, but today I added aux leds to my edc FWAA. Due to the fact that attiny85 sits inside, there is only one color - ice blue, but I think that’s enough for me.
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FWAA aux mod

I also finished a mod for a friend recently. He saw it at Vinh’s and wanted it too. 7x xhp50.2 5000k mule.
Apart from the auxes, I also added a blue GITD tape to the inner wall. I think it was a good idea.
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Wow! outstanding work

That is really neat…outstanding! Putting that on my list of I-should-probably-dos.

congrats on your mod

there are some inexpensive Novatacs on ebay atm… if you need more… LOL

I just modded one to 519a 4500k, and did the 250 click unlock, to make it programmable…

really pleased with the beam quality, and output increased to 270 lumens…

more pics and info here

250!? And some people complained about 20 clicks instead of 10 in Simon’s drivers.

Just for fun to see what would happen and get some practical experience with flashlight modding; Convoy L2 with B35AM. Maybe a high CRI thrower.

I’m considering this a work in progress. Some practical limitations, such as no OP reflector available and unfortunately no 2 cell 6V driver (used the 20mm Convoy B35AM driver). The dedicated B35AM gasket is just too small for the reflector hole, so had to use a unknown gasket that was much thicker, but fits (possibly XP). Also the stock L2 tail button is not suitable for controlling it. Need to find a replacement for that. But I’m was pleasantly surprised by the beamshot. Was expecting something floodier, but it actually shoots out pretty straight. It throws further than the DM11 with B35AM. But up close there are rings that I would like to get rid off, just don’t know the cause.

Looks like the lens AR coatings creating those rings

@Verodin, I believe those rings could be reduced by a flatter, more shallow gasket. The emmitter just needs to be level with the base reflecting surface of the reflector. It really isn't that bad and the beam is nice. The color comes from the lens anti-reflective coating.

Installed an LED Lenser-type optic (out of a Jobsmart Tractor Supply Company headlight that I was planning to give away) into an S21A. Also found an e-switch that may be a good replacement for a D4 switch. The beam is a fixed, broad hot spot from the floody LH351D at 4000K. A beam kind of like a CO1S.

Tue, 02/15/2022 - 00:15

Today, had to run to TSC for something else and they still have these. I'm glad I had it for parts but I wouldn't pay $12.99 for an optic.

It’s mainly that white outer ring that’s distracting, the coating colour is barely visible. During real life use I mean, not white wall. I plan on using the original gasket, but with something around it with the same height to level them out. Then see what difference it makes (ring + beam). Also noticed some artefacts in the beam, but only over 5m distance. Darker center mainly, not a distraction outside, as long as you don’t point in at white snow.
After the initial post I went outside to play more with it. This will be a keeper apart from tweaking the stuff just described. The only real throwers I have are all cold white with low CRI. This one lights a small area, but the colours definitely pop more, it’s a clear difference, even without comparing directly.

Aaand amber for the second FWAA. Here ice blue on low and amber on high. I used 1k for both.


Does stock FWAA FW support Aux or or did you have to reflash?

Reflash is necessary. Additionally, I had to remove a few modes to fit everything in. I decided to remove SOS and bike flasher and the whole thing took up 99.5% of the memory.

Amazing work! Wish I could pull that off. Coated transformer wire?

Actually, I don’t know what kind of wire it is. The magnet attracts it, but after scratching off the red insulation, it can be soldered.

Copper coated steel?