What do ya all think about an AliExpress BLF APPROVED vendor list?........



I’ll also add this negative experience vendor.

Vendor: Huayi Electronic Co. Ltd.

Product: Flashlights


First event, shorted order by 2 units. I had to prompt to deliver balance. Gave them a second chance below.

Second event, shorted order by 6 flashlights of 7 ordered. Claim they delivered and complied with entire order. Pics however prove blatant fraud. Currently in dispute process.

If enough of us help develop our own AliExpress feedback system it will save lots of BLF members from getting a headache.

There’s nothing like voting with your wallet. These ass*oles that continue to think they can rip us off are going to lose this game.

If there’s a better way to set this up, have at it. I’m just trying get the momentum going.

I think it is a great idea!! :+1:

Have the APPROVED List & the Shyte List. :wink:

Vendor: Convoy


Product: 3 flashlights, 2 hosts, 8 drivers, a few TIR optics, 10(?) springs, and probably some other stuff that I’ve forgotten.

Great store. No complaints.

Shyte list entry 1: Liitokala

Crime: Cell Fraud


Damn, you beat me to it. :confounded:

Oh yeah… Cometa/Vapcell.

“Battery included!”

“Psych! No battery, no voucher, no discount, go scratch’n’sniff.”

Not nice.

Jaxman should be on the APPROVED List too, along with Sofirn & Convoy. :+1:

With stores having name of a brand in the name, you should be careful, because just the brand name is not enough. There are often several stores with names like Mybrand store, Officical Mybrand store, Mybrand Official store, … and some (or all) are fakes - not related to the manufacturer at all.

So, we would probably need exact names, maybe even links.

To add something…

I have good experience (including support) with Manker: “Mankerlight Store” id:1406554

And also very bad experience with “Elfeland Outdoor Lighting Store” id:1925442

Approved: … in addition to Sofirn, Convoy…
ShenZhen Lighting Star Sci&Tech Co,LTD: brand flashlights and accessories.
Sunway Store: legit cells (VTC6, 35E, HG2, GA).

ledflashlight Store: two purchases, none sent (both cancelled automatically by AliExpress before shipment, expiration of the processing time).

i don;t usually buy lights on there, but misc cheap stuff
reflective tape
car headlight bulbs
clock movements
kid toys (VERY cheap colored domino-size blocks, 3c each)

i could not tell you the name of any vendor i have ever used
there have been too many
but 95% have been ok if you overlook slow delivery
the other 5%, aliexpress will refund usually without having to return anything, just take a picture

so i really can;t complain
probably ordered 100 things from them, 25 in the last year


I dont trust anything Aliexpress anymore. I have had far too many bad experiences. When i have been sold counterfeit goods or misadvertised goods and I show indisputable proof, Alixpress does not get my funds back.
Save your money and your sanity and do not do business with Aliexpress.

Thank B’harni (pbuh!) that I haven’t yet had any of those kinds of experiences. Any issues were always resolved asap by the seller.

I would like to add to the list my approved and absolute shyte vendors on Aliexpress.


Sofirn Official Store : https://sofirn.aliexpress.com/store/2933049?spm=2114.11010108.1000002.19.650c649bY8kn4v

RD official store : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/RD-DPS5015-Constant-Voltage-current-Step-down-Programmable-digital-Power-Supply-buck-Voltage-converter-color-LCD/32702714880.html

UGreen Official Store : https://ugreen.aliexpress.com/store/301635?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4d8vQlXd

ORICO Direct Store : https://oricodirect.aliexpress.com/store/1816519?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dXWXOcZ

Sunway Store : https://sunway.aliexpress.com/store/3173029?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dWt0nUG


All of the Liitokala stores!!!


Exceptionally cool people too. :sunglasses:

At AliExpress, I have only bought from Sofirn and Simon at Convoy. :+1:

Maxtoch Official Store

Is this one for the ‘APPROVED List’ or the ‘SHYTE List’??

Just following the OP’s instructions