What do you think of BLF's forum software?

I like the BLF forum software just fine, with TK’s After Dark style.

I like the simplicity/reliability of how BLF is set-up/run and managed (KISS) I can depend on it like a Small Block Chevy or my Kawasaki :smiley:

. :beer: Thanks SB for all you do! :wink: :+1:

Posting photos method is archaic.

It’s the Briggs and Stratton 5HP mini bike engine, might not be the fanciest but is damn dependable and stands the test of time.
Leave her just as she is.
It is calming to know it will look and function today as yesterday, no annoying Yahoo/Ebay/etc. reconfiguration where you have to search for the tab you want if it even still exists.

Thanks for all you do SB.


To most that have been forum members for a long time and have made many,many posts and a lot with hosted photos the status quo is good enough.

New members that are also members of other types of forums with modern software might quickly be turned off by the steeps needed here to do simple tasks.

Good software costs money and that is usually the underlying factor why upgrades are not done.

I also run TK’s After dark plugin. Alot easier on my eyes.
I dont have any problem with the forum but as others suggested about having to use a external source for hosting pics.
It takes a little effort to post a pic but nothing that hard.
I too would probably post more detailed mods if it was easier to do.
I have had detailed mods before that I wanted to share with the forum but dreaded the time it was going to take to post all off up until the point to where I just put it off indefinitely. Moved on to the next mod.
I do feel if it was easier like a drop and upload box more people would share more from my own experiences, it takes less time from the user.
The biggest problem I saw when I was over at the other forum and here with hosted images is that these free image hosting services sometimes go out of business or become a pay to play service. If you dont pay your images are blocked and the whole forum is littered with post with blank images. Alot of times the images hold all the details to a mod or detailed information. Without the image, the post becomes almost useless. You know it can be done but there is no image telling you how it was done.
When it happened to me, I was pretty pissed that all the time and info that was in my pics I had posted was lost unless I paid, held for Randsom. I had to find a new free image service and spent many hours getting my images downloaded then uploaded to the new hosting service. Then relinked in the right places. I still have some images here and there that aren’t fixed. FYI - some 'new' Fujitsu laptop batteries - #153 by moderator007
This is all just my opinion and I don’t know the associated cost or the time it takes to implement image hosting. That’s all SB’s territory and he knows better than any of us.
I’m good with what ever SB decides and I trust his decision. I do feel that one feature would help the forum tremendously but there is a cost to do so.
Ill adjust to however the forum runs but I do have to consider where and to what I spend my time with also.
Of all the forums I have ever seen or been a member of this one is still by far the best. :smiley:

007,excellent post!

I like this forum just like it is.

Not the great on IOS. When posting, Apple emojis don’t work right. Not mobile friendly.

This forum is not compatible for uding with Tapatalk app. The user interface feels dated and inferior to other forums run by more modern forum engines.

The content is however more valuable. In my opinion, the content and the community friendliness are what keep BLF forum popular. I like it better than CPF forum and flashlight sub-reddit.

I like the look and feel of this forum, and the colors are easy on my almost 50 year old eyes. I don’t post very often because I can usually find the information I need by using the search feature. As others have stated its a bit of a pain posting pictures using a smartphone, especially if you want to post more than one. But for the zero dollars it cost to be a member I can’t complain.
I have always felt welcome here since my first post and this is a great community to be apart of.

Honestly, it’s pretty good.

Very efficient, works well even on mobile devices.

The only thing that would make it better would be a gray mode, so it would be easier on the eyes at times.

I don’t know much (anything, really) about software, so my thoughts are worth less than a penny. That said, it works fine for me. My first thought when I read this though, was the same as djozz’s. I really wish we could post images directly.

I like it, nice and easy (simple)

If you use chrome browser on a computer try Dark Reader in the chrome web store, its
good for grayscale backround here on blf.

it is different from other forum platforms, but totally usable, i have no complaints

I think it is just a shitshow that BLF does not even support HTTPS. I know there were already many threads about this, but it is just a no go in 2020 to use unencrypted cleartext logins. Additionally, it does hurt SEO-optimization, which in return results in lower advertisement earnings for Mr. Admin.

I’m more than fine with it as is. It loads very fast, doesn’t eat up bandwidth, and is as well organised as it needs to be. Posting images is indeed a bit of a nuisance, and we don’t get any emojis, but as Ben Croshaw once said, that is flicking boogers at a perfectly solid core.

About Tapatalk: totally unnecessary. Some 80% of my browsing is done on mobile, and the format and functionality work very well, TYVM. In fact, I’m posting this very reply out of my Moto G5.

This should be etched in stone.

Even at work, they’re pushing new machines, new versions of Winsucks, etc., and I’m always one of the last holdouts, pretty much forced at gunpoint to “upgrade”. Why? BECAUSE CRAP BREAKS, that’s why. And then I gotta waste untold hours trying to “fix” things afterward.

Also, one thing I noticed about most web “upgrades” is that they now require javascript be turned on to do anything. That’s sheer laziness on the part of the “developers”, and it makes the whole experience a dog. Instead of a page loading quickly, it takes forever while everything slow-loads in bits’n’pieces, it’s blocky, unresponsive, filled with lag, you have no idea if the page is hung while it’s waiting for the retarded little facebook/pinterest/twitter/other logos to load in a retarded in-the-way sidebar, and everything just turns to $#|+.

GB? Broken. AX? Broken. UPS? Broken (whoever designed/included that “assistant” popup should die a horrible fiery death). Even trade-rags have such a huge difference with js turned on vs off. Off, you get a nice clean article, ’though now usually without any inline images loaded. On, and you get hideous background images, popups, sidebars, all sorts of pure CRAP that pollute the page and make it impossible to just read the damned thing in peace.

Plus, with all the bloat (both source and cpu cycles), it becomes just painful to try to load a page on older equipment. When you hear the fan revving fullspeed all of a sudden, everything else locks up, then get a “This script is unresponsive… end it / wait for it / what?” popup, oh, that’s so much fun.

Sites that require js to do anything, I’ve largely abandoned, and use only if I have to, and then, only on certain machines that don’t croke when you try. Any phones, etc., that use browsers like Midori (zero js support) are effectively locked out from those sites. No great loss, usually, but sometimes, on rare occasion, you’d actually want to suffer through it just to see something. but can’t.

All that said, if “upgraded” forum sw were to require js just for basic functionality, I know I’d be gone (except maybe in readonly mode), but dunno how many others would, whether by choice or necessity.