What emitters for mega project

Single mode only? Hyperboost has no UI, it's just on/off.

All the above. Cant wait to see the build thread on this one.

what the heck are u gonna use to power that? the sun?

thats a lot of batteries

i voted MKR. do not see much on those LEDs

either way... can not wait to see the light

Neither, a couple of BridgeLux C9000s… or maybe their new Veros


Lots of MT-G2s or lots of MK-Rs?? hmm..

Maybe you should add a 3rd option "yes, me likey". I vote that. :)

Personally, Im not too familiar with the MK-R, and have no personal experience with it. It does not seem like many people here have experience with it either. For flashlight use, what would you say are the pros/cons with the different emitters?

In normal lights, higher vf and no copper MCPCBs seems to be the things that are against the MK-R. You are not making a normal flashlight it seems, so im back to where I started..

Yes, me likey.. :)

Agree with Texaspyro. Unless you’re doing something like reef lighting where you need high, even brightness spread over a large area, it doesn’t make any sense to do a large array of MKRs or MT-G2s when you can achieve the same or better brightness using only one or two of the larger Bridgelux or Cree arrays. Simpler design = better design in most cases.

I’d skip the C9000 in favor of a Vero 29, though, since lumens seems to be what you’re going for.

The new Veros are nice. My most recent project involved retrofitting a fluorescent desk magnifier/lamp with three Vero 10s. 97 CRI. Yes, please.

How about 6 Nichia 219’s? Waldmann Omnivue Lighted Magnifier Nichia 219 Retrofit

Nice refit. My Veros have higher CRI, though. :wink:

If I had it to do over again (and I probably will), I’d choose to go with 5 or maybe 6 Vero 10s and some sort of diffuser. I’d probably also route the mounting plate out of 1/4” aluminum instead of 1/8”. Using only 3 LEDs without a diffuser gives me plenty of lumens but the triple shadows can be distracting.


Available in 93+ CRI.
Much easier to drive at 36V.

An aspheric on one of these would rip the bells off the DXS.

Good luck heat-sinking/burning the skin off your hand.

Nichia’s have better color temperature for magnifiers.

Want bright?

I prefer many mt-g2 of 6v all in paralel powered with 2x26650 imr with pwm driver and resistor for limit the current

the problem of the mtg with multiled and many leds are the size of the pcb. 20mm diameter are too big. dont will fit many leds

we need in the market mt-g 2 in 16mm pcb for multiled mods |(

Very nice effort comfychair.

very nice job comfychair

while just looking at the mkr/mtg options. If I’m gonna cram all this in a 3” or 4” head some concerns I have:

1. 6 of anything might be the max. Not sure If I could do the full eight mtg.
2. Drive current for MKR will be lower/easier.
3. Mtg will be maxing out the hyperboost
4. Both are available on copper boards from Cutter
5. Mtg 9v from Cutter is 2700K Mkr up to 6000k or something

Any hosts out there with a 4” head.

i hope you are making 2 of these

my paypal account is ready :slight_smile:

I was thinking MTG2 but since it’s only available in 2700k, that’s a bit too warm for me. If this were my project, I would like for it to look B.R.I.G.H.T^3!! and also retain some LED characteristics.

With MTG2 2700k, It would be sad if after all the hard work and $$$, some guy came and think it’s just another halogen floodlight.

Now with 6000k MK-R, that would be so much different - it would look like football field light and so much more impressive.

Very Curious about what’s your big project that need such a big flash light.
Look forward to see what’s finally got.

This isn’t working out as well as I thought. I was thinking about the HBFlex as a driver but the emitters will be 90w or108w. After talking with George from taskled he said the HBFlex will do what I want it to but only on five lithiums not four. Well thats dissapointing :frowning: Eight 18650s I can work with, but what the hell kind of bazooka host can hold 10 of them. :~