What flashlight is your current edc

Pineapple dogfart

FWAA & SC31 Pro TS21


1. All waking hours, pocket clip carry: Emisar D4V2vn W2 throw optics.

2. A few hours every night, belt holster: Astrolux EC03.

3. Occasional carry and use big unit: Acebeam X50.

4. Occasional carry and use very large unit: Lumintop BLF GT94.

1, Occasional rotation: FT02S 50.2, FW4avn W2, FW21a Pro vn 3x90.2, MS03vn, NSX53vn, E4K vn, TM9K vn, MT07vn, MMU-X3vn 50.2, S2 Baton, KR1vn 90.2.

2 and 3. Occasional rotation: MT70 Mini SFT55.2, MS06vn, D18vn W2,

4. Occasional rotation: X45vn, HK90vn, MT90 Plus vn, MF05, X65vn, MS18vn, R90TSvn, K75vn,

For the past seven years I have carried every day for months many large and very large lights:

Edc Emeritus: M43vn, TN36UTvn, MM15MB vn, TK75 70vn, MK34vn, TM06vn 50.2, K70vn, TN42vn, SX25L3C, MX24L4C vn.

Normal people walk around with big dogs. They look normal. I walk around with big flashlights. My flashlights have bitten less people then Teds' dog.

Xtar Moon RC2

Thrunite Ti3v2 with Nichia 219b, on my key chain.

FW3A with removed anodizing, SST20 2700K, SS bezel and deep carry pocket clip. I want to sand blast it at some point.

I just saw on the BLF thread about the new design changes, that so unfortunate. :weary:

I’ve got a few that I rotate with:

Ti Tool w/LH351D 5k led

Nitecore MH20 neutral white

Nitecore SRT3 Defender

Surefire Tactician w/Z52 clicky

Ti FWAA w/SST20 4k

Prometheus Delta w/219c 5k

Prometheus Alpha w/MCE 4500k

Normally it’s the MH20 or the Delta that I grab though.

Nitecore EC23.

Usually a Manker E02 II but recently I’ve been carrying a Fenix P1 with LH351D 5000k

On The Road(OTR) M900

Oveready BOSS. I have not purchased another flashlight for myself since I bought the BOSS nearly a year ago, and I haven’t seen another light I’d rather carry daily. I’d definitely buy a titanium FW1AA though, so I guess the Oveready hasn’t totally ended my flashlight collecting habit.

MH20 in a pocket, SP32Av2 in/on my bag.

I never thought I’d say this because I’m not a big fan of electronic tail switch. FWAA with sst20 4000k. It’s so small that I can’t feel it in my pocket at all, and that’s probably the main reason. I have Armytek Prime C1 pro warm in my backpack.

The only one I always have in the pocket is my Thrunite TI3 V2, used to be a TIS for years but lost that one so replaced it with the new one. I use a lot of lights and often bring others but the AAA-light is always with me except when camping as I change to a DQG Tiny AA for longer runtime and some more light.

sofirn SC31 pro SST40 5000K with 18350 tube and magnetic tail, and Skilhunt E3A NA with the keys
Earlier it was FW21 with SST20 4000K

+one on the SC31pro shorty. Love the big button and all that Anduril brings.

YLP Unicorn + Skilhunt H03

Fenix e16

Always heave a Ti3 in my left pocket. Added a Manker E02 II as my go to EDC. My jacket EDC wears a SC31 Pro.

Sunwayman V10R Ti+ … Today.