what I bought with $9

got $9 in paypal that I need to spend before the wife spends it.... what to buy ? light ? edc gear ? - gerber shard ?

Pick up the NiteCore HB02 flashlight Headlight Headband Strap for your glove compartment.

LOL, don’t ask -spend it first! :beer:

lol that site is funny


This was recommended by someone here, and is a great value light.
Love mine. Gonna buy a few more.

Here’s the link to Lumatic’s discussion of this light

On sale here: http://www.aurabuy.com/ultrafire-c8-t6-cree-xm-l-t6-5-mode-800lm-white-led-flashlight-torch-1-18650.html
free ship


Go to Zbattery and pick out the AA Minmag in your chioice of colors and do a triple Nichia shorty mod.

Thats a stop at Starbucks... and half a doughnut!


New 612

From DX.com
Will do a review when it gets here
Looks like a nice light. With room for upgrades if wanted.

your welcome :wink:

Should have bought an xpower 18650 host from fasttech (xiaozhi- My favorite host)

Let us know if you like the light you got .

My next purchase will be a tube 18650 light. Gotta sell / trade a few things to make that happen. Curious to see if this is a p60 host or not. But looks nice. Aluminum reflector. Glass lens. Gh

I will have a review for all when it gets here.

PS. Happy to trade a dmm for a convoy or xpower if anyone is interested.

You can see here, this post has described this site, a lot less than $ 9 lamp Rating: Tmart.com