What to ask Simon for a Convoy S2+ thrower with minimal spill?

Yeah but ‘supreme’ wants minimal spill and reflector will give him some good throw but also a full size spill.

45 and 60 degree pebbled TIRs are really floody. I’ve never had luck with the lower degree ones, they always have a weird beam or a giant hole in the middle, I know it’s probably a focusing problem though.

That crazy looking TIR in the Acebeam E10 and Lumintop FW21 X1L is probably exactly the kind of thing OP is looking for. Tight beam with minimal spill.

Trying to do it with an S2 though, I don’t know.

Hole in the middle as in the hotspot or corona?

I was hoping to mimic the Acebeam E10 or L17 or even Manker MC13

Not happening at this price point. The TIR in the Acebeam is a special make that’s only currently seen in a handful of lights.

Osram in S2+ beamshots:

SMO (Smooth) vs 10 degree optic from Simon’s store

That TIR beam is rough, the reflector is way better. I tried a few of those 10 and 25 degree TIRs, and depending on the LED had either a nasty ringy mess or a donut hole.

OP just get a smooth reflector S2+ with the Osram, Darosk’s pic looks like a pretty good beam.

I have an E10, and that optic is really cool. I got it before I heard about the L17, which I believe is the exact same optic. It’s also in the FW21 X1L.

Not exactly what you asked for but have Simon change it from an S2+ to a C8+ and you will be there ;0)

Is this the standard SMO that the light comes with when you order on AliExpress?

My beam does not look like the SMO at all

Any other lights which uses the Acebeam TIR in 18350 besides Manker?

Is there a 18350 tube for the C8+?

Nope. That’d be a hell of a chode, though.

I put a TIR optic in my S2+ with an XP-L HI. I have the same optic in another S2+ with a Nichia219B and a wide angle TIR with an XM-L2 also in an S2+.

I’m not sure what degree it is, wild guess maybe 10 degree. I bought them many years ago, probably from Fasttech to fit to a Mini Maglite with a p60 conversion. But they fit the S2+ perfectly.

Next to an original BLF A6 with an XP-L

I really like the beam it produces. It is super clean with a good hotspot and small spill area. The tint of the LED is also way more even than with the stock S2+ reflector. Note how small the spill beam is compared to the A6 however.

TIR on the left:

Yup, that’s the stock one straight from Simon. I didn’t touch a thing in the light, it came from Simon installed in the light.

Currently AFAIK there’s the Acebeam E10, L17, Manker Mc13, and now the Astrolux Ea01 that have the throwy TIR. There may be some other Acebeams as well but these are the current ‘pocketable tir throwers’ available.

I have tried every tir angle in a s2+ with flat white led but it does not produce a nice beam and is to diffucult to centerer. With reflector sentering is also hard, even with the right gasket. Heat is also a isue. C8+ is much much beter with this led. If you want to keep the head small i would suggest one of those m1 or m2 models.

Convoy S2+ with KW CSLNM1.TG with standard smooth reflector gives the best beam with the most throw. The optics with narrower angle aren’t pretty and don’t throw as far. OP reflector makes the hotspot much larger reducing throw.

I’d have thought the Convoy S2 would be better then the S2+ with this LED. The reflector on the S2 is almost twice the depth.

Some time ago I put a S2 with SMO and a Osram W1 (KW CSLNM1.TG 1mm2 ).

You can see what I got back then in the following posts:
(build) OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm² - #712 by MascaratumB
(comparison w/ S2+ w/ XP-L HI) OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm² - #721 by MascaratumB
(comparison w/ Acebeam TK16 - 3xW1 under 10507 optic) OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm² - #822 by MascaratumB

Then I modded the S2 and put a W2 (KW CSLPM1.TG 2mm2) onto it. The W1 Led went to an EagleEye X3R.
Here is the comparison between both and the same Convoy S2+ from above:

Plenty of photos so that you can see how the beamshots look like!

The S2 with SMO looks better than OP

I tried asking Simon but he says he doesn’t have the gasket or S2 SMO reflector for the build

Would I be able to build a S2 SMO with Osram with these parts?
The host (ask for SMO as it says in the listing) 11.04€ |Convoy S2 taschenlampe host, umfassen OP reflektor, pille, kopf O ring,glas, frühling, lanyard|flashlight host|op reflectorconvoy s2 flashlight - AliExpress
Gasket 2.27€ |Dichtung geeignet für 3030 LED und 7mm reflektor loch|Tragbare Beleuchtung Zubehör| - AliExpress

I would say so! And get this reflector: 2.53€ |1 stück Aluminium Glatt Reflektor für XM L XP G XP E Strahler SMO Reflektor|aluminum plastic|aluminum hatchaluminum business card holder - AliExpress
That was the one I bought (although mine is different, the one on the right).

I made the gasket myself because Simon was not selling them at the time.

Note that the Osram led(s) is quite “sensitive” under a SMO reflector, so even with that gasket it may not have a “perfect” beam.
Those “flaps” of the gasket may interefe with it!

20mm or 16mm Osram?

If you will use it in S2 (or an S2+) , it is a 16mm board! :wink:

My advice for those leds, buy at least two, as when soldering it may always suffer some kind of damage and the slight “stain” in the led will be seen in the beam (at least against a white wall :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you!