What type of light would you like the next BLF Special Edition to be? As in developed by us over a year or so from scratch.... like it used to be

I agree with that, but I’d like to step up to 21700 if poss, I like a chunky monkey!

Disappointing that none of the options include a balanced, versatile beam. Just pocket rocket or thrower. Really says a lot about how much this forum values actual utility of a light.

I try my best to encourage manufacturers finally building (more) dual e-switch lights. While Andúril is unfortunately not (yet) compatible with two e-switches, I still think this will mean a major breakthrough in UI experience. Fenix uses this concept already but they still pursue a rather classic interface and light design. Especially, when we start to talk about multiemitter lights with different tints, different emitters, different mode groups, a second switch will be advantageous in many ways. I hope nobody minds if I use my "WK30S" example again, see illustration below.

That being said Anduril does support e-switch + tail switch, and I’d love to see it used that way in a thrower.

Yes, but the tail switch will only benefit from the momentary mode, if I got TK's words right. What I am trying to push is a real new UI, making use of two e-switches that can be independently programmed to carry out different functions.

Take it one step further and go dual e-switch + tail switch :slight_smile: .

I voted for multi-emitter (mixed colours). I think LP’s multi-emitter Flashlight Concept #1 will be great if that comes to life.

Yeah, honestly what I want is basically… Anduril SC64c LE (or SC64w HI). But to wait for the “Anduril 2.0”. I want it to be efficient, Buck/Boost Driver type efficient, with PID for the turbo modes.

Actually, here is what I really want, my “Dream” EDC light…

I want it to be the equivalent of the SC64w HI “CRI” 90+ CRI (like the Bob_McBob custom I have on order), Buck/Boost/PID, with Anduril 2.0.

But ALSO, I want to take the concept of the button AUX lights and repurpose it. I want the Button LEDs to be something like a quad-emitter of the high-cri AUX led on the Nitecore TIKI, to where the side button can be used as a full-flood headlamp. Maybe a quad E17 under the button?. I don’t know if that makes any sense. That way, I always have a full-flood headlamp/90 degree light, AND a throwy high cri EDC.

I may not be explaining this very clearly, but this would be, my ideal EDC. If I this could be had in different materials, such as clear-anodized aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, “natural” hard-anodized like Zebralight does (this would be my choice), etc. Then that would be awesome.

I know… dream big, right?

Edit: Actually, I would take this a step further, and also figure out how to do a boost-driver AAA size version of this, a “mini” perfect EDC, to use as my keychain light.

Nah, I’m good.

All of my wish-list items, I already have something close to it already.

I’d love to have a FW4A in 21700 flavor.

I’m high-en the stakes. Want 3 x XHP 70 and 3x18650. Or one with flat 2x18650 battery case, with 2 or 3 XHP 70 head.

I would like to see a “re-invention” of the human powered flashlight.

Most things I see on the market are low quality, with plastic gears, plastic case, fake emitters etc.

I am wondering what would be possible with modern bearings, brushless dnyamos, good optics efficient LEDs, super-capacitors etc.

How many watts can a human produce with his hand? I don’t know.

What type of light would you like the next BLF Special Edition to be?

Add the Mateminco MT07 and the Emisar D18 and divide by two. Twelve W2 emitters, two 21700 or three 18650. 12,000 lumens, optics configured for a balance between flood and throw, so as to have a beam not too narrow, and throw not too low.

It’s just a rough poll, and having too many choices often waters it down so much the result is pointless. Generally reflectors/beams etc are thrashed out after the form factor is chosen, though I agree a balanced versatile beam is what we all want right? :wink:

I think the next BLF light should be

Whatever someone wants enough to gather support for, organize development for, get an interest list for, and successfully pitch to a manufacturer.

It’s a lot of work. I don’t think the development is going to happen based on poll results or even popularity. It’s going to happen because one person, or a small group of people, get really dedicated to a project and make it happen. Sure, it helps if something can generate a 1000+ name interest list, but it takes more than just that to happen.

I voted for a keychain light.

I'm thinking something similar to what Rovyvon offers, but at a more budget price.



I also like Multi Emitter - Short Range / Pocket Rocket because I cannot have enough of those.


Something true EDC-able. BLF spirit in the pocket.

Let’s see … 23%. We won, poll can be closed :+1:

Single emitter, 16340, Anduril.

Anduril olight s mini / mini emisar

I'd like to see an angel eyes kind of light . A light that is lightweight ,hangs around your neck and knows exactly what mode you want at any and all times ...Alexa dim the lights !!!

maybe a nice BLF AA driver......

Side by side AA/14500 light with Narsil. White, red and UV emitters. No FET drivers and a simple ramping UI. I am tired of FW Andruil lights. I’m over it.

At this point I don’t think Tom E is working on Narsil anymore. It would be a bit wild to see it on a new light.