What voltage level should batteries be 24 hours after recharging?

What voltage level should batteries be at 24 hours after recharging? I charged a bunch of 26650 and 18650 batteries to 4.2 volts. Then 24 hours latter I tested their voltage level with a multi meter tester and they all tested about 4.17. I wondered if the tester was off so I put the batteries back into my Lii500 charger and the first reading was 4.17 and then about 2 minutes later they all read 4.2 again. Is this normal for lithium rechargeable batteries? These are all new batteries.

I tried doing a search on this topic but because of the number of key words I never found a thread addressing this issue.

Maybe this will answer your concerns

Long story short, yes it is normal. The cell settles and 4.17 is a good resting voltage.

Thanks for the info. I purchased a couple of different types of 26650 Xtar batteries from the Xtarshop on eBay. They all showed a substantial higher capacity when tested on my Lii500 so I was very pleased. Then the next day when I put them on my multi meter tester they showed 4.17v. So I was a little concerned. But glad to know this is normal.

The Xtar 26650 3200 and 4000 tested 200mAh or more above their label capacity. The Xtar 18650 2900 all tested between 2860 and 2900.

to get the real capacity number you need an analysing charger discharging the cell, best to do similar to your flashlights and monitor the voltage drop

the less the cell drops in capacity and voltage when discharging the better

a common Panasonic protected cell against a good Samsung high drain cell