What was your best / favorite / coolest flashlight of 2020?

I used 10OFF on the Nitecore store for 10% but you need to watch the discounts as the Store has free shipping for over $35. I had a 15% code but dropped in below the $35 and they tried to add shipping.
Also read about some discount at BG in the Keychain section here where they discuss the TINI2.
Really like mine and the lockout works great (for me). I know you don’t care about the display but it is rather useful once you get to know all the features. To me, this is amazing technology in such a small package.

Thanks for the tips. :beer:

Fenix E35 V3
Wurkkos HD20

Convoy L21A Osram KW CULPM1.TG

Lumentop LM10 in copper. Decked out with Green Tritium Vials.

Made it by Dec 29th… the latest Convoy C8+ with ramping and the Osram KW CULPM1.TG.

It’s getting a FET tail/pressure switch mod and going on my long-range coyote rifle here in about two weeks :smiling_imp:

Zebralight SC700Fd easily takes first spot for me on the 2020 list.

Totally agree with you on the HL3A. Its so small and the magnet makes such a useful EDC. Ill be making an attachment that makes the switch harder to activate. Id also like to flash it with anduril 2 at some point as well since I like its easy mode and lockout operation better.

I haven’t seen that option, that sounds like a awesome combo

Funtastic (in NZ) is a dealer for lights (including gun lights) and turned me on the light as he was getting them from Convoy as a dealer. So after chatting with Funtastic, I asked Simon (on Aliexpress) if I could get a few— of course he delivered!

I have built about six rifle lights the last year, but those were for pig hunting with 6.8 SPC caliber AR15s. Super output to about 250 yards with lots of flood. I used the old 18650 C8F hosts from Sofirn to build those lights and it was easy as I could bi-pass the need for a driver altogether (using the three XPL-HI emitters- voltage matches perfect to a high-drain 18650 for a direct drive design with that host).

I could have used the tail switch to activate the light with my thumb off the rail of the AR, but the FET allows me to have the pressure switch back at the AR’s handle (I just velcro it there in front of the handle itself) where I just “squeeze” the pistol grip of the AR rifle and the light comes on. No low voltage protection, so have to keep run times under a few minutes- but for this use… run times are usually under 30 seconds. So that design really worked well (since the 18650 host body is exactly 1” wide- I just used common 1” scope rings for the mount to the rail).

But for traditional rifles, I had to use narrow mounts that mounted the light to the scope’s body itself. Gets a bit tricky depending on the scope used (and available area between the scope mounts themselves— the space available to mount the light— not a lot). I probably need to look into a better mounting system there since there isn’t a lot of room on the new C8+ body also :wink:

That sounds like a similar setup to what I’m gokng tk need here in a few months. I may reach back out to you through PM, for when I’m ready to get my setup together

Cool… if you want to DYI you’ll need the FET PCB (from Lexel). I have a few in stock too if you wanted me to put it together for you instead- PM me if so. After I get my “beta” tested, I’ll post a review here on BLF too. Stay tuned!

EXACTLY….it was a boring year….And things go too slow now…

Here is the total for all BLF votes:

Flashlight TOTAL
Emisar D4v2 8
Sofirn SC31 PRO 8
Lumintop X9L 5
Noctigon KR1 5
Astrolux EC01 4
Noctigon KR4 4
Sofirn LT1 4
Wurkkos FC11 4
Astrolux FT03 3
D10 headlamp 3
Lumintop FW3A 3
Lumintop HL3A 3
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 3
Noctigon K1 3
Skilhunt E3A 3
Skilhunt M200 3
Sofirn IF25A 3
Sofirn SC01s 3
Convoy C8+ 2
Convoy M21C 2
Emisar D4s2 2
Fenix TK30 2
Fireflies PL47g2 2
Lumintop FW1A 2
Nitecoer Tini 2 2
Olight i1R 2 EOS 2
Sofirn IF25 (non A) 2
Sofirn SP40 2
Thrunite T10T 2 2
Wuben H1 2
Wurkkos HD20 2
YLP Gryphon G180 2
Acebeam E10 1
Acebeam L35 1
Acebeam X70 1
Amutorch TC500 1
Astrolux A02 1
Astrolux EC03 1
Brinyte PT18pro 1
Convoy M21A 1
Convoy L21A 1
Convoy S2+ 1
Emisar D4s 1
Enogear SS 1
Fenix E16 1
Fenix E35 v3 1
Jetbeam Mini 1 1
LightPainter 1
Lumintop BLF GT4 1
Lumintop BLF GT90 1
Lumintop GT Nano 1
Lumintop FW21PRO 1
Lumintop LM10 1
Manker E02II 1
Manker E03H II 1
Manker E04 1
Manker E14III 1
Manker MC12 1
Manker MC13 1
Manker T02 1
Nitecore Tiki 1
Olight Array 1
Olight Olantern 1
Olight Perun mini 1
Olight Warrior Mini 1
Olight Warrior X 1
Reylight TI Lan 1
Reylight pineapple 1
RovyVon e200u 1
Rovyvon Aurora A23 1
Skilhunt M150 1
Sofirn SC11c 1
Sofirn SD05 1
Sofirn SP10S 1
Sofirn SP31 PRO 1
Solarforce X3 AAA 1
Supfire M6 1
Unbranded LEP 1
Wuben TO46R 1
Weltool W4 1
Wurkkos WK30 1
Zebralight H53w 1
Zebralight SC700Fd 1

The most popular lights are the Emisar D4v2 and Sofirn SC31 PRO

second place goes towards Lumintop X9L and Noctigon KR1

From all the votes, the top brands are:

  1. Sofirn: 26 votes
  2. Lumintop : 21 votes
  3. Noctigon: 12 votes
  4. Emisar: 11 votes

Top 10 flashlights: BLF + CPF combined:

Flashlight TOTAL
Emisar D4v2 10
Sofirn SC31 PRO 8
Astrolux EC01 6
Noctigon KR1 6
Noctigon KR4 6
Astrolux FT03 5
Lumintop X9L 5
Noctigon K1 5
Sofirn C01 5
HDS Rotary 4

I also started a thread at Reddit, but that place is horrible in terms of visibility. The next day the thread is buried to a place nobody looks anymore..

So I skipped Reddit, and most of the Redditers are also BLF and CPF members :)

My vote goes to KR1 with W2, great little pocket thrower that genuinely surprised me (first intro to Osrams).

Wau.see for the first time the sofirn scpro…so its a good choice??iam hungry to buy something new finally.oficcial store has a good price.

Emisar D4SV2


Mine, of course ! :beer: