What you got today

I usually increase the warmth by 20 when taking photos to help make it reflect reality on my monitor and phone. But, yes. That’s the auxiliary LED. :smiley:

This reflector has a funny shape…

30,50€, shipped from Spain during the 11.11 sale!
Arrived yesterday and finally I can measure what my “hot rods” eat from the batteries :innocent: :partying_face: :nerd_face:

Nice :+1:
Looking fwd to see some testing :sunglasses:
Careful though, I already burned a finger holding a wire on a MT09R :wink:

Ahah, been there, done that too :smiley: I used a piece of rubber around the finger to press the thick wire against the cell negative, otherwise it would buuurn!! I still felt some heat :smiling_imp:

Some testing?
Well, so far:

- Convoy S6 triple w/ 4xLuxeon V 4000K + FET driver with Bistro HD OTSM (from Lexel, springs bypassed) + Sony VTC6 = 21.50A

:smiley: So far, so good :smiley:

To make the measurement I went to a local store and bought a 4mm multiwire copper cable, being the inner “wires”/strands thicker than AWG cables. I cut it short, to avoid resistance and bent it to help on measurements. :wink:




blf Q8 anduril 2

Acebeam L18. Charging the battery. No comments for now.

Acebeam E10. The 26650 adapter from the Little Fatty doesn’t work.
Which is really not necessary. The Osram is battery friendly.
Besides, the feel doesn’t need an extension.

They apparently made a mistake and sent it with battery.
I laughed when I saw the labels for Lithium.
The joke was on me. Good joke for 40 bucks.

I didn’t need the battery, since I bought 10 from Fasttech.
Before there was a 26350 light. The don’t have the lavender anymore.
I wanted to bust some lights with the high voltage of 2 26350.
And bust I did. I’m happy.
Bring good memories when I busted xenon
and weak LEDs with 2 or 4 16340s.
Well I’m off topic, I know.

Back to the E10.
It feels like an Acebeam all the way.
I’ll say is good for 500+ meters easy.
According to my measurements with the car in the street.
I fire ’em up from my dock at the canal.
So nobody knows who is the asrsole pissing them off.

At the end, I’m happy. The application is vague.
It’s good for someone with many lights.


A new line for every sentence, looks like a piece of poetry :smiley:

Too bad it’s not a Haiku-lite.

I see what you did there

I do the same thing.

I think it looks best online, but if printed up, it wastes paper.

I had a similar feeling when I receive some 26 AWG teflon wire from Mountain Electronics. It looked too thin! But it’s the real deal and I’m looking forward to using it on some of my future flashlight mods.

I just received Astrolux EC01 with SST40 5000K in green body color last week.
Now, I am expecting Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 with Nichia 219C in standard black, got it from Aliexpress for only US$ 9.23 :smiley:

Wow :+1: Great job on your mod :+1:
As you stated, it gets HOT at that amp. Nice to know what you accomplished using the clamp meter. :beer:

Lots of C01 and another C01S for an emitter swap to 3000K N219B to fill the gap in my 2700 to 4500K C01S collection.

A box of C01 diffusors from sofirnlight.com. They make your C01 look like a different kind of toy, but apart from that they do an excellent job diffusing the light in all directions. And I measure 16% light loss which is fine too.

D4v2 Titanium

Arrived today: Fenix E35 V3.0

This is my first torch with a Luminus SST70 LED. Super bright, and a beautiful beam pattern. Classy brass button and brass bezel ring. Will definitely be getting a lot of EDC time.