What you got today

I received a package from DX this morning. I was a little surprised as I wasn't expecting anything yet.

I checked the posmark and it was sent 4 days ago! I live in Spain and it came via China Post who can be very slow sometimes.

Oh, it was not flashlight related, it was a pair of Nikula binoculars.

Yesterday I received assorted tail switches and springs from Manafont. I also got a priority box filled with 10 Panasonic 18650 cells. Sweetness!

Just got my third order of 763's from DB. Putting your address again in the comment box must be the trick.


Wonder how it manages a higher surface brightness... Still looks to me like its bigger than a 1.3mm emitting surface? but pictures can be deceiving...

okyeung wrote:

I got my coast 'free' $3.50 light in a box, nice presentation. After my f23, I am spoil, not that bright to my eyes. Anyone has 2 cross hair on the light ? Good deal on the free light. Thanks for the tip.

Did you get the AAA light from Coast? I remember some time back it was reported here by ( forgive me I do not rember who) that they stopped for a while sending that light out.

Hi,noodle, that is the one. I took a chance and try it. The same one as March but with the black box instead of the blue box. Still very nice. https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1086 Thanks again jekostas.

I finally got my headlamp I was waiting forever for that was supposed to take the p-60 drop-in like in this post.


Ordered this from DX a couple months ago.


Unfortunately this one has different guts so the P-60 won't go in without some serious work.

Luckily it had a well driven Q3 at 1.2 amps about 200 lumens and I had a neutral XML T-6 1D that fit perfect now 1.4 amps so I was able to bump it up to about 400 lumens so it wasn't a complete loss.

It went from a really cold blue tight pencil beam to a really nice floody neutral beam. High would be good for biking or running, low is perfect for everything else and the psychedelic strobe would be great for inducing seizures........ why why must every damn light have strobe I will never know.

I ordered another headlamp in hopes this one will take the P-60 drop-in I will update when it gets here.

Got one 10-inch Monkey Arms Camera Tripod from Manafont and one UV LED Keychain from KD.

I'd say it's fairly neutral to slightly warm...not warm and fuzzy yellow, but not blue either. I was hoping for something slightly warmer, but I'm quite happy for the price.

That navy 607 above looks like a pretty nice skinning blade.
I got a UF XML dropin, trustfire flames and charger from manafont. Everything has been getting here pretty fast lately. This manafont order arrived eight days after it was ordered.
I have bought four of these chargers http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ac-lithium-battery-charger-for-18650-1meter100v240v-p-5642 they are pretty good for cheap.

Unless Each die is 1.38mm across.. then that makes sense. I thought you meant the total die area was represented within a 1.38mm dimension.

This week I received a partial Tmart shipment with outstandingly terrible results. It's partially my fault as this was completely on impulse and I did no research. My Trustfire F23 was dead upon arrival, cleaned threads and ensured everything was tight, still nothing. Sending it back this week for another. It's a shame, I've heard such great things about this light and I really like the look and feel of it.

I also recieved a Beam-tech XPE-R2 Q3 "3W" AAA, which is hands down the most disappointing light I have ever owned. With a new AAA lithium primary it produces a very similar light to my Fenix LD15 ON LOW, which is in the single digits. lol. I'm not usually this hard to please guys, I promise! I might send this back too, it's just terrible.

With the same order was the Beam Tech F-X8 CREE Q5 1200LM 5 Modes 5W CR123 torch. Obviously grossly over-estimated, it pulls .2A with a fresh 123, lol. Maybe in the 100-120 lumen range. I didn't expect much, but maybe a little more than this.

Onto a brighter part of my week (pun intended) I recieved my 65W ebay HID, which is excellent. I took it outside for a few minutes just to make sure it worked, planning for some beam shots this weekend at a great location out by the lake. Will be sure to post them up.

I placed a Manafont order yesterday for the skyray 3800 3xXM-L which I am very excited about. Also got a Uniquefire C2 T6, which I hope is up to par with my favorite MTE SF-15. Also picked up a couple Palight 3000mah 18650's just to try them out, and my first ever 10440's and 14500's for my current lights, which I'm now just running Lithium Primaries.

Which ebay hid?

It got here (TX) in 5 business days


That light looks awesome but I'd really like to know more about that model demoing it.

Good day today. Got two lights.

FandyFire 2100 single mode: First impression: What a POS for a light! Second impression: This is one of the greatest XPG lights ever! Why mixed reactions? Read the review, coming up tonight EEST. (that'll be in about couple of hours for you time zone-impaired listeners).

TrustFire TR-803: Much more subtle reactions. Nice light, good build quality. No surprises to any direction. Didn't find a review here on that so I guess it's up to me. Might be a mini review. Will do after the FandyFire. Both are going to be modded with BLF-VLD-programmed Nanjg 105's and U2 XML's so gotta do the reviews before it's too late.

A lot of people do have the 801, though, which seems to be the same thing but longer.

Another 787.

High-res here.

Today, I got a pair of Hi-max 18650… for 9 days $11 shipped… waiting to compare with XTAR 2600…:slight_smile:

did you get those HI-MAX from the ebay guy? I am waiting on some and it took six days for the guy to ship them.