What you got today

Kershaw Shield!

Ooh RC, that is aggressive looking!

YAY!!! 10 LEDs came in, neatly packed in a CREE sealed enveloppe, looking good by eye.
(no time now but will examine them more closely this weekend and post pics in the fake cree leds awareness thread)

Also word that I get refunds for the last two SRKs.
1 of the sellers was shocked by the differences between send goods and inforation from factory.
I ordered another Uniquefire light there and she pointed me to a cheaper one saying tha this item was checked by her and she knows this to be god information, very nice, will update it in the other thread about this later.

Also the 5 Liitokala chargers fro Gearbest arrived.
3 of them are now charging a Panasonic cell while a fourth in the same charging state is being charged in a reliable charger with display all on 0.5A.
three other cells are drained now to test the other two right after that (I want to feel the cells regularly and see the progres and only have so much USB ports on my notebook ;))

Whoo Buddy….mailman delivered my Orient Mako USA divers watch :bigsmile:

http://orientwatchusa.com/em6500fb ( no affiliation)

Classic divers watch, automatic, all in-house movement, sapphire crystal, 120 click bezel, solid endlinks, long last LUME.

A LOT to like for $149.

nice watch!

OK 1 got a cheapie headlight today
And more important a good idea!
Before our son was born, his room was my brewing area.
It was a semi lab where I could cultvate yeasts from nice beers.
A tool i had bought was an old magnet stirrer (to keep the mix in motion, makes yeast grow faster)
Later this device beame a play thing for him.
Put a bowl with water on it with some metal things and swirling water can be made, the rotation speed is adjustable.
Bt it also has a temp switch, of course I had disconnected that (the dial says 350GrdC a tad too hot for a youngster to play with)

But for reflows, maybe it can help.
So I cleaned it, connected the wires and just now turned it on for the first time.
I had never used the heating of it and must hav bought it at least 16 years ago, at that time it was allready very old and written off by the laboratorium that previously had used it.

So well, there is some smoke coming from it, I could not clean all the fins around the magnet core (very solid construction but impossible to reach everywhere) so I let it run, hoping it was dust burning and no old wires.
The temp kept on rising steady.
When it reached 220 GrdC I switched it off, that is well over the 183/188 I need.
So I got a reflow heat plate! YAY, still a rookie, still not modded anything, but getting the gear ready :slight_smile:
Will clean it again and maybe, no surely disassemble it some more to clean depper and check the wires now that it has become very hot.

And next time I will not cut it off to see how close to the orignal 350GrdC it can come.

My first Ganzo came in, pretty good quality for the price. It doesn’t have an automatic blade or assisted opening. 440c steel allegedly. with points applied it was around 6.75 $US.

It is not razor sharp (doesn’t cut paper or arm hair) but I will sharpen it soon.

Received my ReyLight copper AAA today, yay!

I received my 75mm UniqueFire 1508 host ordered via n10sivern’s group buy a couple of weeks ago:

Host is very clean, a couple of minor dings on the anodizing, but looks good otherwise. Nice feature is that the light has NO BRANDING or marking of any sort! No “High Temp” warnings, no “2000x” zoom print.

The lens itself is 75 mm OD, with the head of the light being 78mm at the widest point. The lens is very clean, and has good clarity, as compared to my DX budget lenses I’ve ordered before.

First complaint; the pills are threaded for a driver retaining ring, but a ring is not included. I have a spare ring from an S2 type host in my kit; I’ll have to see if it will fit.

Second complaint; the battery tube has a grip ring at the base. Unfortunately, it is a part of the main battery tube, and can’t be moved to the end of the light for use with the extension tube. If using this light with two cells, the grip ring will be located in the center of the tube.

Unfortunately, due to my unexpected need to move to a new home, all of my parts and tools have been packed up, and I’m spending all of my available time packing to move. It may be two or more months before I’ll be able to actually build this light up and test it.

Sorry, no pics of mine at the moment, but you can read about it on luminarium iaculator’s thread here:

Convoy M2

Definitely want to see some beamshots…from each head pretty please :bigsmile:

TK75VNQ70!! charging up batteries now and then going to assault some tree tops :bigsmile: .

I received this catalog today, now I shall work even harder LOL

I got this…

Is that a baby Ormbett? Congrats.

Yep, thanks! :slight_smile:

What is that?

he VG10 I bought from BLFer X3 just arrived.
Very high quality
Nice modes
Spare orings, lens, tail switch and rubber cover for switch
A very good lanyard
A nice holster
Very very complete package.

Lockout possible on both tail and head half unscrew, very nice

Already one of the favorites and the following days it will be in my pocket

Ah ! I’m glad to know that it pleases you :smiley:
I couldn’t stand the tactical forward switch, but to each his taste !

I haven’t received anything lately… probably because of this :bigsmile:

I got the 10 tiny Nd magnets 1dash1 had on offer.


Let the LED testing begin… :bigsmile:

Zalman CNPS9900A LED

Oh nice, I had a couple of zalman heatsinks and my wife and I had an ongoing battle.
I put them on the mantle (just the copper, all plastic and fans removed) since I really like them
She put them at the back of a shelf of a bookcase, she did not like them as much
Got 1 on a desk now, to put mail and notes in, works nice

Got a couple of those little knifes, size credit card for wallet, the metal blade folds out and the plastic parts hold it nicely, nice for paper and board
Foldable leds, size creditcard, white with a little plastic shape of a lightbulb that folds out over a little led, for wallet
And my second order of this
Had a gold one, it hangs on the fridge by the magnet.
Today the red one came and it is nicely placed next to its sister.
Yes I know the leds are no cree and the beams are not the most beautifull or strongest.
But the placement of the leds make this such a usefull light, I hang it on my sidepoket with the sideleds on and can do things in de dark with both hands and without one of those anoying headbands (they came wth a headband, I do not like headbands)
So I use it very often and tey look very nice, the finish looks really good.
(with the two, 1 for lighting the area in front of me and the second to light other directions if needed. Very nice when splitting some wood after dark when the heater is about to go out.