What you got today

Got my BLF GT70 today. I can’t believe how big this thing is. I will be testing it out tonight :slight_smile:

^ cool light, Glenn, have fun tonight! I’m waiting on a conversion kit so it will be a while before I will have mine.

Got a baggy of side-mounted mini-switches from AE today, that will hopefully fix the unresponsive switching of my mini-GT. But the switching got a bit better in the meantime so I will hold off the swap for now in the hope that the problem will fix itself over time.

shockli 5500mAh & Golisi IMR 4300mAh 26650 batteries.

djozz, thanks :slight_smile: It’s just now starting to get dark. I can’t wait to test this baby out! I hope you get your Mini GT working again.

Wellp, compared to Teal’c, it looks kinda small.

Context is everything. :laughing:


Will you doing any lumen test using shockli and golisi? Prefer it on d4s.

Yes, I did the test.
D4s XP-l HI V2 3A 5000K

shockli 5500mAh
4340 at 0 sec
3540 at 30 sec

Golisi IMR 4300mAh
4640 at 0 sec
3400 at 30 sec
I’m very surprised Golisi doesn’t hold the output better than Shockli @ 30 seconds test!

Is this after the first charge? I think they will perform better after a few cycles.

Yes! first charge for Golisi & 2nd charge for Shockli, I’ll redo the test after few more charge cycles.

Got this 2 RD tech products: Official Store: HERE

The LD35 and the UM25C

Best UI feature so far: Rotatable Screen Display!

how can you fit a 18650 :question:

Holds more and is a little faster than a 5 1/4” floppy.

SSD’s are the bomb. I have them in my PC’s, but really need to put them in my Mac Mini’s which have really slow 5400 RPM spinners.

They are great. My former employer allowed me to keep Dell E5440 when it was replaced, less the hard drive they wanted back. Wacked an SSD in, loaded Win10 and it runs like a dream.

Windows 10 loads in 7 seconds after the Bios does its thing. Pretty amazing. And this is on a 6-year-old i5 Sandy Bridge computer

18650 BatteryTube is avaliable at Clemence’s website.

A DQG Tiny 18650 4th edition. It’s the grey color in a neutral tint. Nice to own the world’s smallest 1x18650 light; and I’m using an Orbtronic flat top 3500 cell. I measured mine at 24.6mm x 88.50mm.

I have an NVMe drive in my desktop. It’s insanely fast. Unfortunately in most day to day activities 99% of that is wasted. lol

Went to the thrift store and couldn’t resist this for $1.49:

Never had an alkaline leak in it, the switch works, and :exclamation: the bulb wasn’t even burned out. Threw in a couple of C cells, and it turned right on.

Now I gotta figure out how to put a Yuji 95 CRI 3200K LED in it.