What's a good option for under 150?

The other 3 from left to right.

Emisar D4S — Not suggested because it uses a 26650 cell 39mm diameter at the head and 32mm dia at the body.

Manker MK36 is 53mm at the head. Body is about 45mm.

BLF Q8 is 59mm head and 50mm body.

Looking for a compact, bright, high quality 18650 light? You should look at an Emisar D4V2.

It uses a single 18650 cell and is about 29mm at the head and 24mm body. I don’t have one but you can search here for reviews.

rear button, over 1000 lumens, uses 18650

if you want to spend more, you can choose fancy metals for example Titanium

I know it has a side button, but I have to mention the Skilhunt M200. It has everything I’ve ever needed - direct access to moonlite, direct access to turbo, very simple electronic lockout, battery self-check every time you turn it on, locator led (if you choose), very good tint in the ‘neutral’ version, magnetic tailcap, magnetic charging, normal (not proprietary) batteries, well balanced beam profile with both decent throw and flood….I simply can’t find any weaknesses.

I have a bunch of ‘brand name’ lights, 30 or 40 I suspect (I’m scared to count them, and even more scared for my wife to count them!) but the Skilhunt M200s are my favourites of the lot. For the past six months everything else has gathered dust. And yes, I bought and paid for both of them; they’re not freebie samples.

Debbie has a copper FW3A. Beautiful. The tailswitch requires an unusual amount of force but maybe hers is faulty.

Cant go wrong with an Emisar D4S or D4V2.

See these threads:

Both have lots of other options for body colors, aux lights, magnetic tail, etc…

edit: if you don’t run it on high/max, you’ll get your battery life, and you won’t heat up the place :slight_smile:

Op asks something with good throw. I would not recommend a D4v2 in that case.

NOCTIGON KR1 seems to fit much better.

so tempting

especially the shorty:

if the OP wants more throw, consider the single LED FW1A

Zebralight SC600w IV Hi

Missed that somehow. The Manker MK36 is a wall of light flood. That is the opposite of what the OP is looking for.

I agree. If OP is willing to spend that kind of money on a single 18650, a ZL would be a solid choice.

I agree also, great option.

Ack, ok. I’d have to second the Convoy C8 then, or maybe a BLF Q8 (or the Sofirn Q8 flavor), if you’re ok with “soda can” lights…

Under 150? Wow, there are so many torches to choose from it would depend on your style needs and wants. For that price you could look at the nicer looking lights that Jetbeam, Acebeam, Emisar, Olight and Fenix have to offer. Single emitter multi emitter, for 150 you have some great choices :smiley: Let use know what you decide on :+1:

Finding Banksy for 150? Just kidding :wink:

L90 looks nice. I wonder if something like VG-10 or tripple C8 would work, maybe C8F?
I dont have one, but Convoy M21B is something new?

I like the looks of these.

However what I care about also is putting out a lot of light at a steady pace. Ideally 900+ lumens for a minimum of 1.5 hrs.

The VG 10 and C8 look wise are what I prefer however as long as it’s not a “soda can” I really have no preference.

If I had to say what I want looks wise the tactical would probably be it. Or tacticool as I used to call it. I carry a lot of knives. Generally microtechs so I’d like to see something match that kinda theme

There have been a lot of great suggestions on here and I’m still sorting through them.

I’ll look into this

Jetbeam, Acebeam, Emisar, Olight and Fenix

What are their best offerings?

If the budget is under $150, you could get something as nice as the Zebralight SC700d (or the floody version, but personally I would just use some DC-Fix or similar on the regular one). Those are only $119. I don’t think you are going to get a more efficient, reliable, versatile light, in that price range. The extra $30 could get you a couple of Samsung 50E batteries (5000 mAh) and a charger.

It will easily sustain 900 lumens (more with minimal cooling/holding in hand) for over 2 hours.

If you need 900 lumen for hours, you need BIG flashlight for heat dissipation and BIG battery min. 3x18650 for more power and boost or buck circuit driver for efficiency.

I’m starting to notice that

I’m just really confused that my Bolder could put out 900 and some of these higher end offerings can only do like 750 for 1.5 hrs.

Is that because they have more throw?

I mean brightness wise all I know to go by is lumens what are some things I should be looking for?

Maybe that’d help me sort though these without just focusing on that one factor