Any mods such as : Tail Cap , Thicker Wire Sizes , Spring Bypass , etc.

I beg everyone’s pardon , I mistakenly named the light as HPL-H1, it is a XPL-HI.

BLF A6 driver with 30Q battery. Not sure what this is though, HPL-H1 1A, XPL HI 1A?

There are many good threads on this topic. Here is some reading to get you started.



Convoy C8 a real thrower! | Candle Power Flashlight Forum



XP-L HI on 20mm Noctigon
17mm Fet+1 Driver
Samsung 30Q

My mistake !!! Not paying attention to what I was typing. It’s a XPL-HI—(1A)

Thanks for pointing it out !

XPL-HI, not XPL-H1
HI = High Intensity

My mistake. Now that it’s been corrected , by chance do you know of any simple/easy mods for the XPL-HI ?

I am getting ready to do a C-8 upgrade as well. I was going to use a de-domed XP-G2 S3 on a Noctogon MCPCB.

What is the difference between the XP-G2 (de-domed) vs th XPL-HI? Is it worth the effort for the extra throw?


It used to be, I don’t know if it is since the XP-G2 has been changed. The last XP-G2 S4 2B that I dedomed and put in a C8 was awesome.

If you want a performance increase with no effort XPG3

Excellent. It would be my first shot at a dedome. Been wanting to try the dedome process for awhile.

That’s a win win for sure.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Doesn’t anyone else have any really easy C8 modification suggestions ?

Looking for the real simple and easy ones.

AR lens swap, real easy.
Clip a clip on, real easy.
Glue a magnet in the tail, real easy.
All these things Simon has

Dedomed XPG2 DD: 170kcd
XPL-HI DD: 110kcd

The HI version makes about 500 more lumens, has smoother beam and more consistent tint.

XPG3 produces a weird corona when used with SMO reflectors, it is more for use with optic I guess.

will34 , If I remember correctly , I think you stated that you can build/mod C8’s. Besides the mods listed in some of
the other posts here , do you have some other real easy mod suggestions for wires , tail caps , etc. for a XPL-HI ?

Do you have the stock driver in your C8? If so, then I don’t think bypassing any springs on the driver or tail is going to make much of a difference. I would suggest replacing the driver and going from there. You could always add more 7135s to the existing driver which would be super cheap. Adding just 3 is going to put you around 4A and you still wouldn’t need to bypass any springs IMO.

Maybe get an older version with a pill?
Having the solderwork done on a pill is easier then in the head so placing a LED is easier.

The thing with a stock light is that not much can be done, improving spring and wires are not necessary with the 2.8A driver. I would only add an AR glass to free some output. The convoy C8 XPL HI already comes with the 9mm L2 XP centering ring which is an excellent combination and in stock form I think it makes 50~60kcd.

I can build custom C8 but for shipping them outside my country would kill the deal… member djburkes is also offering C8 building services with reasonable prices.

Thanks Will. That helps. Still learning.


This pill fits my Ultrafire C8 host nicely and is a good replacement for the hollow aluminum pill.


Good advice for sure.

Thanks to all,


The old XP-G2 dedomed puts this light on steroids making it an awesome small thrower :sunglasses: If you don’t already have that emitter forget it since everybody is scouring the planet to get the last ones and the new XP-G2 doesn’t dedome well. Do the spring bypasses anyway just for the experience and to prepare it for the next round of modding where they’ll be needed. Simple swaps like reflectors, GITD tailswitch covers and lenses are cheap and easy. Just have some fun!