what's the best value sk68 at the moment?

I have found a Uinfire B68 with an R2 for $4.93 at Fasttech. Is that a good buy?

They all are a gamble. Just get the cheapest one you can find.

Last year, I bought a few of the “UINFIRE B68 Cree XP-E R2 240-Lumen 3-Mode Zooming” from Fasttech (SKU 1278400). It has great build quality, solid pill, and well-finished. Works with AA and 14500 battery; it’s extremely bright, especially when you use 14500. I am extremely satisfied with this product.

Maybe you can find anothe good price

I tried many brands and prices ranging from $2 to $4, but I was disappointed with all of them. The pill was hollow, LED was not good, and tail cut was terrible. Also, the finish was not good either. What you pay for is what you get.

Trust me and buy one of these for yourself. You won’t regret it. Hopefully this year, the product is the same as before.


I also bought 3 of these SK68 (3-mode silver) from Fasttech https://www.fasttech.com/products/1601/10003898/1278401
Quality is really good.

I bought 3 SK68 from Banggood and quality was not good compared to Uinfire, on one of the light tail cap was loose due to very shallow threads. Banggood make it right and send me replacement. Here’s the link http://www.banggood.com/Ultrafire-CREE-Q5-300LM-MINI-LED-Flashlight-1xAA14500-p-76701.html

IMHO, SK68 from Fasttech is better buy if quality remains the same as before.

Mountain Electronics usually has UltraOK SK-68s. They aren’t much more expensive than others, and they are well regarded and predictable. I have one or two and like them.

Out of stock for a long time.
The ones labeled UltraOK avaliable now on Epay have Latticebright LEDS.
RIP real UltraOK’s

Good thing for me I like SK-58s then. Too bad!
In SK-68s, I like the ones with smaller lenses better, because they have more flood. It seems to me that the difference in flood is bigger than the difference in throw.

these are from a US seller and had good reviews a while back. seller is tomtop

+1 I’ve gotten reasonably good quality items from tomtop on eBay.

I’ve purchased Convoy lights from Simon’s store in AliExpress. I noticed that under “other lights” he has a 2 pack of SK-68s for about $8.


Anyone have any opinion on these?


Tomtop has these right now for $2.29 on their site.


Mine is good quality but that might have changed since I bought it. I think mine came from FastTech but I can’t recall. I haven’t looked closely to see if the emitter is really a Cree but even with a 14500 it’s not enough light for me and my old eyes. It’s my most disappointing purchase but lots of folks like it so YMMV.


The ultimate SK68 review was by Djozz, at

> Good thing for me I like SK-58s then

Got a current source for them? I like them too.

The only ones I have had trouble with is those I recently bought from Gearbest. Otherwise I have bought a lot of them from eBay sellers, and all have been fine. I currently have 8 in the mill.
As to quality, I just want them to work. I give them away, and as long as they turn on/of and focus I don’t care about quality. For those who want quality what are you doing that makes a difference as long as they work?

I don’t think that I would buy from this guy.

5000 Lumen Zoomable CREE Q5 R2 LED Flashlight Torch Zoom Lamp Light 3 Mode


I hear ya, but look at the guy’s feedback! - 100%

That sorta tells me just how much that eBay feedback is really worth. - Probably only indicative of anything if it’s Really Bad.