Where to buy CREE XM-L RGBW MCPCB?

C3 group is cool white.
Illumination Color: RGB, White
Wavelength/Color Temperature: 630 nm, 535 nm, 465 nm, 8000 K

C2 group is neutral white.
Illumination Color: RGB, Neutral White
Wavelength/Color Temperature: 630 nm, 535 nm, 465 nm, 4300 K


What is the ABB02?

Google image search shows ABBO as some kind of ABBA tribute/cover band. :bigsmile:

Joking aside, I couldn’t tell you. It’s hard enough trying to navigate their different bin codes for different LEDs. Maybe different flux bins for the 4 dies?

As for Kiwi. They are the only place other than mouser that I could find using the Cree codes for a neutral white.

I’d buy one for $7 to see if it is real. You could always ask them first before ordering. If it isn’t real. Paypal will take care of it if they give you any trouble.

If it is real, then you found a cheaper place than Mouser to get these. Mouser is always way more expensive. I only buy from them if I have no choice.

I have 20 xml rgbw’s on the way. I will let you know if they are real or how good of fakes they are:)

Hi Sundy,
Welcome to the BLF forum!
Here on the forum we do have some ideas for new designs direct thermal path MCpcb’s. But we can not easily buy thousands of them. What is the minimum amount of MCpcb’s that we have to buy to have a new type developed by you?
Cheers, Jos

Maybe start a new thread to discover different interests? First, I think we would need an idea of cost. Right? For example, what is the cost of a 19mm xp mcpcb? Say in an order of 25-50…

Hi djozz

I am Sundy,I donot know why my username is Invalid,I have sent a email to you,Have you rreiceved?
Yes ,we are direct thermal path mcpcb manufacturer from china.

Thank you


Hi djozz

Have a received my email about direct thermal path mcpcb?

Thank you

Hi Sundy,
I did receive your email (thanks) but I have not found the time yet to update the drawing. I will send it when it is ready :slight_smile:

Hi djozz

From your drawing,we can see it was direct thermal path mcpcb,And you can tell me about the board thickness then we can quote it.

Thank you

The board thickness is 2mm, the led footprint is standard 3535 footprint (Cree XP, Nichia 219, Samsung 3535), the central thermal pad is DTP to the core of the board.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes,we are direct thermal path mcpcb manufacturer.

if you need,you can contact me,our website:www.e-cer.com.

this is Direct thermal path mcpcb is our company Invention patent.

Thank you


Ok,thanks .expecting you update the drawing,our company can make it,If you finish it,
please send to my email.And then let our engineers evaluate it.

Thank you

Hi Jos

I have sent a new email to you.If possible.we can sent some samplle about direct thermal path mcpcb for testing.