Where to find 5000K 90+ CRI COBs or LEDs?

Hmm Virence has lots of choices, but i’m afraid I don’t understand my options very well. I am using a variable power supply and a CPU heatsink. So voltage and cooling are no limitation. I just need lots of brightness, 5000K, ultra great CRI, and no hot-spot. That’s all :smiley:

I can sure reflow. Do they make triple or quad boards for that footprint?

They are the same footprint as the Nichia 219C.

If you really need no hotspot:

These have awesome specs including CRI R9.
https://www.virence.com/product-page/nvswe21at >> sm503-D240-M1-R9080

I’m not sure if triple or quad stars exist though.

Not yet but Clemence said :

Ooh, I think they exist here: https://www.virence.com/product-page/vr16sp4 but they are out of stock at the moment.

Yes that is the quad E21A arranged like a quad core emitter (e.g. : Cree XHP-35) which you can use with an OP reflector ot TIR optic. There is also a quad Optisolis for Carclo Quad (106xx series).
But about four months ago I asked Clemence if he would willing to make a triple and/or quad E21A for Carclo Triple and/or Carclo Quad. He is going to make this triple, but only when he will finish his city big project.

How much output do you want?

If you want really high output on a budget and can go bit above 5000K, a member has 5700K, 100W COB’s for sale here:

$16.50 shipped price for ~10,000 lumens that Maukka has verified at roughly 95 CRI and high R9. You will need at least a 30V power supply. Optic choices will be limited, but it can be used as a pure flood source, or with barn doors.

100W might be a bit beyond the reasonable heat shedding capacity of the standard Intel stock cooler.

It will have a slight green tint, similar to typical LH351D or Nichia 219C emitters. White balance should be able to take care of that in most situations.

If you want something that can be used with a readily available optic such as a Carclo triple or quad, the LH351D is probably the best price option.

I believe the XHP-35 produces a bit of a beam even when used in open air, and I have never seen them reveal their CRI R9 rating, so that’s always a bad sign. Maybe someone knows better than me?

COBs are probably a good option for me. But man does that one need voltage. My portable supply maxes out at 20v and my wall supply maxes at 30v.

Lens compatibility has been mentioned a few times… Don’t worry about that at all, I plan to use it indoors and naked… The emitter that is :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason for the 5000K requirement is that I need to match the room lights.

Right now, I think the best suggestion is 4 of
https://www.virence.com/product-page/nvswe21at >> sm503-D240-M1-R9080
on a

How many lumen are we talking with that setup? 2000?

Alright, I just ordered from Virence.

That COB in post 12 is still tempting me :stuck_out_tongue: What would I need to buy to power a 33v COB like that one?

Boost converter:


I got my LEDs today and I’m happy! I thought I’d share an update and a photo for anyone interested.
The order shipped on day 9 and arrived on day 21 (today).

The packaging was especially interesting, he went all out and used a piece of plywood to make a custom box! I was super happy to see that. I also took this picture of the box using one of the assemblies as the scene lighting. It looks great :smiley:
A big thanks to Clemence for a smooth transaction. (www.virence.com)

Quick tip: the phosphor coating on the E21A had been found by many users to be very brittle. Try to avoid touching the yellow, especially with anything hard.

I hope you have fun with your project! I’m keenly interested in trying an E21A build at some point, too.

The idea is to use this light to create a glisten on shiny objects. This bright point-source is just what I wanted.

So I finished this E21 build tonight and took it out back. I was shocked how blue my wife’s cucumber plant was under the E21 5000k light. I dug up a Nichia 219b 4000k tripple and tried that, and voila, it looked like a healthy plant again. I tried to capture two pictures to discuss on BLF, but when I did that the results both looked decent and about the same! The difference in CCT doesn’t account for this in my mind.
I assume this is a case of TLCI matching, but CRI not?
Idk. Thoughts?