Where to get 7135 chip's quickly?

I cannot find anywhere in the UK or Europe that sells the AMC7135 chip, do I have any other choice than ordering from China and waiting 3 week’s for delivery?

I’m surprised that the chip appears to be only used for led driver’s.

I thought about Richard from Mountain but they’re closed for a while over the holiday’s?

I ordered from MtnElectronics a couple of days ago. I got shipping notification email yesterday afternoon. They’re open for business. I guess if you’re ordering something custom it may be delayed for the holidays, but “off-the-shelf” parts are definitely leaving the warehouse.

You might try member 3tronics

I’m sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your replies earlier, I haven’t been very well.

I did consider Mountain Electronics but on their website it says that they’re not shipping order’s until 3rd January so that did put me off.

Yes, 3tronics. The 7135 isn’t listed on the website but I could ask.

Thanks, Merry Christmas! :beer:

I think I’ve got some somewhere!

Edit: I’ve found 9, the 380mA ones. Although if you need more I could always strip them off some old drivers

Sorry about the delay in replying James, I haven’t been well with the flu.

I should be able to manage for now as I still have some left.

Your offer is much appreciated.