where to get XP-L HI on sinkpad


i normally buy these from Ebay(LEDDNA) because he has good stuff and free shipping to the netherlands.
At the moment this guy is not reponding and i see a lot of missing packages from him(me included)
i got my money back from paypal but i do not trust this seller anymore since he does not respond to emails and other people on ebay have the same experience.

i am looking for a XP-L HI on a sinkpad but can not find a good source
everything i find is either in the US and adds a lot of shipping costs.

i currently am using dedomed xp-g2’s on a sinkpad but like to test the already dedomed xp-l hi.

if anybody knows a good source let me know.

also would the blf-A6 driver be a good fit?

i currenly use either the 8x 7135 or the V10+ 4 amp driver but notice the vf voltage drops very fast eg lowering the current.

Oops, just found that major excel sheet.
intl-outdoor does ship for free it states but we will have to see if that goes for the netherlands also

Ordered the same LED from LEDDNA via ebay and currently at 42 days. No replies or anything. However, the last order came in after 53 days; so could be logistics.

i am currently at 52 days(ordered 9th december)

what worries me is the silence.

This guy used to ship very fast, i got al my orders within a week and now nothing.

intl-outdoor has a 2$ rate which is also acceptable.

the V3 is however out of stock so i might settle for the V2

I have been buying from LEDDNA for years - never had a single issue. so this might just be an unlucky case of Christmas logistics nightmare and the swamped local customs offices. Another ebay package (solder paste for smd boards) just got in after a staggering 72 days!

Ask James:

He reflows the LEDs on demand, so I’m sure he is willing to reflow on a sinkpad, too.

I just bought an xhp-50 and xhp-70 from LED-DNA, I was hoping it would be here within 3 weeks… now I am not feeling good about that. :frowning:

I have also ordered from LED DNA multiple times in the pas with no issue. I think it usually takes around 50 days for my order to arrive.

But, I haven’t ordered anything from them since Oct 2015. So, I’m not sure if this is a recent thing or not. Also, I order from their mail site, not from their ebay site.

I just ordered one from LCK-LED on ebay.
My first order from them - not sure about CS or shipping times, but the price was good. Saved about 5% with “Make an Offer”.

Have ordered from this seller and have received my items but at longer wait times. He ships fairly quick but the slow boat from China is the bottle neck.

I ordered from the website, I noticed the website had cheaper prices? $16 for xhp50 on copper star on eBay store vs. $11.50 on the website… $23 for xhp70 vs. $18 on website. Whats up with that.

Ebay doesn’t get a cut of the money and savings is passed on you. If you have ever sold anything on Ebay the pinch is horrible but the cost of doing business.

The website was cheaper…

check again…

ebay is cheaper and gives you better protection.

i ordered from the leddna site and eventually got my money back.
still noting after 3 months so i doubt that he shipped it out.

Banggood.com has them on Al.

Can ship via Netherlands direct mail.

Have no idea of the cost.

I have been lucky, no problems with many orders from BG.