Which Driver for broken skilhunt H02

Hello BLF,
I appreciate the information that is available from this forum. I am not sure If I should have posted this under mods…

I have recently contacted the user lexel in regards to a replacement driver for my skilhunt h02, but he has yet to respond and besides I would like the recommendation of the forum as well. I had first went to Lexel because he sells the H03 specific sized driver which is 21mm and is thin, which is the same size as the H02 stock driver.

My skilhunt H02 stock driver has died and I would like to replace it with a new one. The skilhunt H02 has the same size driver as the H03 (21mm)

I do not know what kind of driver I should get, I DO NOT like ramping UI so I would not like the Texas Avenger, unless the Texas Avenger has a UI that is not a ramping UI. I do not know if I should get a buck driver or boost driver or FET Driver, ( I do not know much about drivers).

My H02 has – CREE XML led, and an electric side switch.

Could you please recommend for me a driver that I can buy, I DO NOT like ramping UI, I would prefer some thing that has step UI, I do not want it to get too hot, I would like 700 – 1000 Lumen Maximum. I believe the light came with an advertised 900 +or- lumen. Could you point me to the right Driver and I could then study it and request that driver with its options please.

I greatly await and appreciate your responses.

Ohh and do you all know of any way I can make this light more flood beam like a zebralight flood, (120 degree beam with no hotspot). I think the term they use for it is a “Mule”
Ohh and do you all know of any side switch I can replace this one with that lights up? maybe volt reading.

:slight_smile: Please and Thank you.

Member Quadrupel makes one that you might like.

First, the anduril FW on lexel’s drivers have the option of stepped modes instead of ramping. It is full of features and might be the easiest way to get the voltage indicating switch lights that you’re interested in.

If you want to go off the shelf, I would recommend either a FET driver or a 8x7135 driver. With the XML2 there is not going to be a huge difference in max output between the two driver types, so it depends on how much you value regulated brightness. Mtnelectronics has good FW options, but unfortunately they are out of the larger diameter 7135 drivers. You could get a 17mm qlite driver (with momentary switch) and use an adaptor ring from convoy. I did this in a mod linked below.

Or you could get a 22mm FET+1 driver from Mtnelectronics and file the edges down a bit to fit. You’d prob want the thinner pcb thickness.

i used linear amc driver with momentary click firmware, QLITE Momentary Switch LED Driver. it worked just fine, it did buzz, thou i’m not sure if all of them do that or it was just mine, i did have to use original driver as a contact plate, then i got a driver from quadrupel, no noise, so much more functions.

how did you use the original driver as the contact plate?

I am looking into these 2 options, Lexel has not responded to my PM in 5 days, And I just contacted Mtn to see if they would flash it with moppydrv Multi-Group Electronic Switch Firmware Option.

For me to get that piece from aliexpress would take too long :confused:

I also contacted Quadruple and he is responding, I like zebralight FW, I will see if I can get the simpler FW from Mtn first though who is a reputable company, If that doesn’t workout I would go with Quadruple.

you will not need to do it with Quadrupel driver, his is just direct swap.


Thank you all for all the options and suggestions, I ended up going with the 22mm FET+1 driver from Mtnelectronics. It would have been easier with Quadrupel’s driver. In the end I enjoyed the whole experience including sanding down the edges of the driver which I thought would have been stressing, but it turned out easy and a lot of fun with the dremel tool.