Which drop-in is more efficent?


Ok, why the XM-L T6? That one says 3 amps on high? That's substantially higher than 800mA on high, unless I'm missing something.


XML is the most efficient led currently.

A T6 driven at 800mA will produce more light.

Low driven XM-L.

It's my understanding that an XM-L T6 at 800mA should produce around 350 lumens (referring to this testing: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2346). The 6x Q5 says 1200 lumens at 800mA. Is the 6X Q5 pulling 800mA PER LED? Is this where I am misunderstanding the specs? That's not the way I read it though.


The R2 needs 1000ma to produce 250lumens

Now you are comparing 1 LED vs 5 LEDs or 6 LEDs

u cant compare single led with multiple leds

So are the specs false? Would the 6x Q5 drop-in be pulling a LOT more current than the "800mA @ 1200 Lumens" as stated? I'm trying to look at the current draw of the drop-in as a whole here. Same thing for the 5x R2 - drop-in, pulling a lot more than "1A @ 1200Lumens"?


Why can't I compare single vs. multiple? Why is it so hard?


They are in series. The current draw should be 4A for the 5xR2. Seems be be close to it.

By langedaenen

"Some data:

Current drown ( 2 fully charged 18650 )
Full brightness: 1.85A
Med brightness: 0.75A
Low brightness: 0.25A --> very long runtime :)"

Hikelite, which module are your specs for? Is that a post somewhere? Can you provide a link?



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Gary, thanks for this link.. I havent seen that before! very useful!!!

I presumed that they stated 800ma for the 5xR2 drop-in, thats why I said 4A.

Here is the link to the efficiency of each emitter the T6 wins.


Some useful info at this link as well (1st post): http://club.dealextreme.com/forums/Forums.dx/threadid.747581. Guess I wasn't understanding where the current draw is being measured. So it really is "per LED" I take it.

Now I know I said throw vs. spill didn't matter, but any ideas? Would the 6x Q5 or 5x R2 or single XM-L module produce more flood (spill)? Do people generally go with multiple LED's to get flood? I know reflector plays into this a lot, but just go with these particular modules.


are u trying to compare multiple leds with single??

Garry, the most efficient drop-in you can probably make would be a true voltage regulated driver at 1.4A feeding an T6 XM-L. Use a driver like the Nanjg 101 AK with 4*AMC7135 chips. You will have plenty of output (500-600 lumen) and the best battery life.

the best is to buy both.. and you will find the answer