Which is the oldest flashlight in your collection,

me too, show some pics :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have a pair of 1920’s carbide gas lamps in the cellar. Nickel plated, no chrome!

Next would be a paraffin lamp, probably from the 1940’s, tin layer completely gone; but not rusted through. Thinking about an XM-L lighting up a mirrored cone; powered by 2x 18650 in parallel, with a rheostat)

Then comes a German Army torch, dated 1964 (2D box-type lamp - soon to be modded)

and then, an 1980s era FULTON US-Army torch (would love to mod it to 4x XR-E-R2, with CARCLO TIR lenses and 8xAA NiMH)

Lot of interesting old lights out there! Mine’s a Maglite 6D, bought as a youth around 97-98. It now has a LED bulb, delivers maybe 100 lumens for 165 h.

Well, they’re my grandmothers. I have no idea how old they are. They look old. But I bet they were made after the invent of flashlights.

It would have to be one of the 6D Maglites I got around the time I got my drivers license back in 1984.

I was issued one of those right angle, olive drab lights, complete with a red lens when I was in the Air Force in the early 80s. They also gave us Vietnam era C-rations (second gen MRIs but not the MREs) when we were in the field.

I have a mag from the early 90’s. I did have a light my grandmother owned but tossed it years ago. Makes me cry when I think about it.

The flashlight older I have at home is a Bright Star 2618, (about 1980) works well but do not use it.

It’s amazing how popular the mags were back then, they were considered the untouchables at the time.

Here is mine. https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/4570 One of my favorites and it gets regular use.