Which LED today performs the best dedomed?........

Bang for the buck the XPG2 was pretty much unbeatable. Nowadays it’s getting to the point that for certain latest generation LEDs getting dedomed doesn’t make that much of a lux gain for the effort or risk.

So bang for the buck today what LED is definitely the most worthwhile to dedome?

We’re waitng for the new domeless LEDs from Osram…

The XP-G2 is still the best to dedome.

Of course there are now many other LEDs that don’t require dedoming and get higher intensity than the XP-G2, such as the black flat, Q8WP, CFT90, and some others which aren’t available yet.

“The XP-G2 is still the best to dedome.”……

These other upcoming to market LEDs are they as “pushable” as the XPG2?

Wonder how much abuse will they take assuming that bond wires may now be passe’.

Has anyone compared a sliced SST20 with a dedomed XP-G2 ?

I did an approximate comparison.

It falls short of the dedomed XPG2 by a bit. This could be partly because it is not a complete dedome, just a close slice.

Also, I wonder if the die size is slightly larger than the XPG2. I think this is the case with the SST40 vs XPL. At the same current I measured the dedomed SST40 having 10% less luminance than dedomed XPL V6. I think koef measured the SST40 die area to be about 10% larger.

I’ve run a black flat at 6A which is like 4x the rated current.
IIRC XP-G2 was similar, it could run at 6A and it was also rated for like 1.5A.

The main thing I’m getting here is that the XPG2 is still gonna remain pretty dang respectable for a good while yet. Short of the laser flashes starting to hit the market I don’t see that much of a big divide from the XPG2 and the flat and other LEDs coming on line in the near future.

That said, if I see a good deal on XPG2’s with the right bin I’ll be grabbing some more. Whatt I really like is that for the most part certain XPG2 bins get more on the warm side when dedomed and they can take the extra amps if need be.