Will the 21-70 Battery (a.k.a. 21700) Replace 18650?

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How much are Samsung 21700 cells?

Some info about the BMZ 21700 cell:


“………What it all boils down to is that BMZ developed what it calls ‘giga-cells’. They are named 3Tron and come in the 21700 format; 21mm diameter and 70mm height which is a lot bigger compared to the nowadays commonly used 18650 cells. The new 21700 cells offer, “60 percent more capacity while being able to use 400% more discharge current at the same time,” claims Sven Bauer, Managing Director of BMZ GmbH.

Thanks to a big increase in active cell material as well as the use of nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide, stronger conductors and high-quality materials, 3Tron increases the energy yield by 50 percent. The lower internal resistance produces 68 percent more output.

In producing the super cell, BMZ cooperates with the world’s leading cell manufacturer Sony. This company’s manufacturing expertise comes with the annual production of more than 300 million cells, says BMZ………”

Those are still too expensive, but pretty good when considering that they just became available. Remember how expensive the NCR18650B was a few years ago? It was insane, but now they go for about 1/3rd of that. Hopefully these do the same and end up costing around $3, which I think is entirely possible with cells coming out of Tesla’s Gigafactory’s. BMZ calls their battery factor a gigafactory too, but apparently is unaffiliated with Tesla. I think their prices will be good, but it’ll be hard to match the advantages of Tesla’s vertically integrated business. Competition is good though, and should drive up manufacturing efficiency and battery capacity.

ok applying my logic
the 21700 will become a household name like AA and aaa (yuck i hate aaa)
i think the general audience has matured to the point they are ready for a paradigm shift in there lives

we Here and in the Vaping world have held onto something for too long and it is time what we know and care about be taken away from us (can you handle that)

up to this point most consumers have never heard of an 18650 or 14500 because it was never meant for them 18650 have been around since 1991
it would be like giving a Light Saber to Jar Jar Binks
but the world is smarter and the chargers are better or the 21700 will be too big to leave in a pants pocket with loose change

i hope to see the 21700 in stores even Kmart soon
i am looking for the ’’That’s one small step for mankind, one giant leap for mankind.”

i have had fun for years ripping apart things for the**_ “Precious bounty” even did a Creative MuVo2 for the 4gb Microdrive _**
but now i only buy NEW TOP OF THE LINE Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650B and at one point i paid $2,82 each for 50 (now they are hard to find at $4)

but i am trying to say i think 21700 will be come a household word sorry for my rant

The Chinese company Lishen (Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint Stock Co., Ltd.) is getting into 21700 manufacturing.

Their VP is giving a presentation at the upcoming International Battery Seminar in Florida


Outside of the small group of flashlight enthusiasts, almost nobody has ever heard “18650” and I would be willing to bet about 0.0000001% of the world population knows what it is.
Now you think people will magically need something 10000x less common than an 18650??

Sorry, but no, this is never going to become as common as alkaline batteries. Even 18650 will never become as common as alkalines.
Ask your grandparents what an AA is and they will know, but not 18650 or 26650.

I think all the people in this thread need to get real and actually see what a huge minority they are and how rare 18650s are outside of their flashlight friends group.

18650 is very common, maybe as common as alkaline.
But because they are usual used in battery pack nobody knows they are using them.

Well, so much for standardization.

Tesla’s got 20700 cells, now this Euro factory is making 21700s.

And isn’t the 3Tron name already copyrighted by one of our own forum members?

But riddle me this - why not make a better 26650, a format that already exists? If you take the 20700’s specs, scale it up to 26650, you’d have even more energy per cell.

No, not even close.
Even considering the still small amount of people that use rechargeable power tools.

Stuff like phones and laptops and tablets do not use 18650s either.

I read that the 18650 li-ion size is the same as the 4/3AF NiMH cell originally used in laptop computers.

As far as I know, as it says in the OP; the Tesla’s are 21-70, 2170, or 21700…. whatever they are to be called. :+1:

This is 2017.
All electronics devices use flat cells.
Anything still using round is outdated and obsolete.

That is probably the reason ‘hank’ said… “originally used in laptop computers.”

Yes and that’s the reason I pointed out that it is 2017 now and 18650 is irrelevant in modern electronics.

Two answers. The engineers wanted this size. Nobody but the Chinese in the last 5 years have made 26650’s. On 20700/21700 standardization 20700 list a 20.3 mm diameter, 21700 list a 21 mm diameter, light junkie’s aren’t even going to notice the difference.

Yes and the point is ‘hank’ was not asking about “modern electronics”.

He said, and I quote……. “I read that the 18650 li-ion size is the same as the ”4/3AF NiMH cell”:http://www.parts-express.com/tenergy-industrial-grade-4-3af-cell-rechargeable-nimh-battery-12v-3800mah-with-tabs—142-0221 originally used in laptop computers.“

He never mentioned a word about “modern electronics”. And I would also bet he knows it is 2017………. :wink:

And by the way, the 18650 is very relevant to what he posted.

What say ye???
Is it the same or not???

Hmmmm, I never really thought about it that way; but that makes perfect sense HKJ!! :+1:

I literally cannot think of one person I know who does not have at least one cordless tool.
And many, myself included; have multiples.

I think you are spot on………… :slight_smile:

Here is a very interesting SDLE marketing report summary (as of Sep 2016) regarding the replacement of the 18650 format by 20650, 27000, and 21700. It’s a quick read and worth looking at. Lots of charts and graphics. Learned that LG will introduce a 21700 in Q2 2017.