Will the 21-70 Battery (a.k.a. 21700) Replace 18650?

Uhm… It’s 40 Amperes.
That’s a LOT of current.

Not looking for density, just the release of energy! Specially in triple and quads.

There are already a few tests out there of the 30T, they are very much my most anticipated cell at the moment.

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Samsung INR21700-30T 3000mAh (Gray) test by HKJ

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Back on topic it would seem that the 21700 and 20700 size cell may replace the 18650 for high discharge applications, more and more companies seem to be getting on board and the cells that are coming out are pretty impressive. I still want to see Sony come out with a 21700 high discharge cell, so far they have been the leader in performance with the VTC5A so a 21700 sized cell with that tech would be quite a thing. Although maybe I’m just the crazy person who wants to build more and more extreme hand warmers that happen to also emit light and cells like the 48G will be more popular to make longer runtime lights.

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The 20650 battery from LG is now available, at least in the USA.

LG HG6, 30A, 3000mAh


Yeah I noticed that, no 3rd party tests or easily searchable datasheets for them yet so I wonder how it compares to the Sanyo cells, probably has better discharge properties though considering most Sanyo cells are budget cells with meh performance and high discharge LG cells are generally pretty good. Maybe I can squeeze an amp or two more out of them into a Storm of Ra, at least until the 30Ts come out. Not that there is any reason to do that, OK yeah I may have a problem with building lights that push high discharge battery tech, but all these new cells have gotten me excited to see what crazy pocket nukes can be built, pushing hand warmers that also happen to emit light to the limit!

Waited more than 3 weeks for FT to ship the INR21700-48G. So I cancelled the buy.
Then I found it in a small brick-and-mortar vape shop in Hilversum, 12 ml from home.
And here it is, and going into the Warsun whose body I reamed to 21.4mm.

There is also a Sanyo NCR20650A available. 30A and 3100mAh.


I might have built the first dedicated 21700 flashlight. The Samsung 48G works great!

Here is a test of the HG6, by Mooch:

The new 21700 Samsung 40T cell has been tested by Mooch:

Looks good. :slight_smile:

Supposedly in the Samsung pipeline is a “mid-power” (10-15A ??) INR21700-53G cell, with 5300mAh capacity.

The INR21700-40T should be very popular for power tool battery packs. But how many non-custom flashlights on the market need a 30A battery?

The INR21700-48G is being used by Luna Cycle in a battery pack for one of their e-bikes.