Will this work?

Will the illuminated tailswitch for Astrolux SC/SS BLF X5/X6 work with the Astrolux S41/Manker e14?

I do not know what driver is in e14, but in s41 you need to solder a bleeder resistor. Then it should work.

So is there a turnkey illuminated switch for s41? I suck at soldering!

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As far as I know, there’s no turnkey option - you have to do the soldering, or it just won’t work.

The Astrolux S41 and Manker E14 use the BLF-A6 driver, that is very suitable for building the illuminating tailcap. But you really have to solder the 470 Ohm bleeder resistor on the driver or it will not work.

So nobody on here builds AND sells them?

That is a new question! :slight_smile: I see that you are in Texas, there are many skilled texans on BLF, and what you desire is not an extremely demanding job, I see possibilities!

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BUT I’m pretty sure it changes the driver characteristics. You can change modes , low to high , but not enter the flashy modes.

That was my experience anyway :disguised_face:

But it still needs the bleeder resistor that is not present on the stock driver.

Forgive my ignorance, but what for?

Okay I just read through the thread again. For clarification I had it working in a manker e14 without any soldering to the original driver.

Ok where to get resistor and where to solder it exactly? I know people who can solder.

Nobody…really??? :frowning:

If this is the driver, the pics show the resistor placement.