worlds brightest LED

putting a link to that so I can forward it to my buddy?Thanks

Your friend isn't wrong, the Guinness World Records recognizes the wickedlasers 'The Torch' which is 4100 lumens as the brightest flashlight.

That's old though, and there's way brighter lights now (which have more than an 8 minute run time). A Firefoxes 4 will give you 7000 lumens in what is basically 1.5x the size of a soda can.

There’s also the Lux-rc fatboy fb1

It’s a small monster, expensive, stock an 5-7k lumens

Yea buy I’ll bet they want big bucks for that light. Heck their other 1000 lumen light is over $400.

And that’s only for 15 min on high.

Yep, Lux rc are too rich for my blood. They are high quality but they don’t make enough to get the costs down.

Any. Documentation I can show him? I belive it i've been trying to steer him away from Monster (monster rip off if you ask me) and sure lair ai mean surefire oh i mean surefire.

For the Olight x6 marauder all I got is this
Olight X6 Marauder (6x XM-L, Rechargeable) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO + more! | Candle Power Flashlight Forum!

Oh on the xm18?

Well the fact that in the comments here

They say it draws 50amps
The math of a 1000 emitter lumens (900 otf ? ) for every 3 amps used, gets you pretty close to 15k lumens

50 amps divide by 3 = 16.66666666666667 times that by .9 = 15
15000 glorious lumens

Interesting, 1 bulb

Mind you if one is allowed multiple emitters in one body then there are many BLFers who have lights brighter then the “world’s brightest”

I wonder how many lumens one can get out of an mt-g2 emitter on noctigon or other direct copper connection very overdriven?

I think thats just a very old record. But a lot of lights beat 4k lumens now and for under $100, 12x and 15x T6 Trustfires do, 18sixfifty just made a modified J-19 that he’s selling that does around 4k and throws well too :wink: TomE’s J18 mod was 5500 lumens if memory serves…

My contest entry for Old-Lumens DIY build does over 20,000 lumens…

That doesn’t count though, he didn’t say brightest light emitting family sized serving salad bowls :slight_smile:

What about the super Kong, 20,000 lamens stock

Late he told me he was going to order the 3300 lumen light from monster for over 200. $ it runs on XML-U2'as which he was told by rep from monster lights that is the most current LED.

100,000 lumen’s

and folks complain about the size of Wayne’s lights :wink:

I’ve touched this thing a few years ago, got the freebie edc led lenser to remember the occasion by as well :stuck_out_tongue:

which model led did they use for this?

Me’thinks it will awefully tough to find a belt holster for it

Light bazooka daaaaannnnngggg!