Would you be interested in buying a Stainless Steel Bezel for the Astrolux FT03?

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Hello Everyone,

This poll is meant to gauge interest in a Stainless Steel Bezel for the Astrolux FT03 Flashlight and show Astrolux the potential market for it.

Freeme’s thread about the Astrolux FT03 (In case you just arrived from outer space) :stuck_out_tongue:

Stainless Steel bezel picture from another Astrolux Flashlight (FOR REFERENCE ONLY)

Please post your interest so the manufacturer has an idea of how much potential market there is.


Is this for FT03 or MF03?

I am a bit confused.

FT03 yes please 1.

This poll is for the Astrolux SST40 led FT03 Flashlight,

The picture of the stainless steel bezel is from another Astrolux Flashlight, and is just for reference only


I will take three please … :slight_smile:

Thank you.

But as it said MF03 above Freeme's GB I had to ask

I want 2 of them.



In for 1

I voted yes… but it won’t match the bronze switch bezel :blush:

Definitely interested!

@hodor, it would match the reflector :slight_smile:

In for 2

can you sell it(Stainless Steel Bezel for the Astrolux FT03) on banggood and plus a 21700 adapter in combo set?

A stainless steel bezel would be one reason more to buy an Astrolux FT03. :innocent: I like flashlights better if they are not totally black. Plus, SS bezel is a great protection against dropping and denting! :+1:

interested x2

Yep, a steel bezel would be very welcome.

Yes depends on price

1, depends of the price

1, if the price is alright